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Who should play Edward Cullen?

August 12th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Ok, I’m of mixed feeling about this Robert Pattinson who is going to play Edward in the Twilight movie.  He’s not as good looking as I pictured Edward.  He has some good angles but he’s just so-so.  I can’t think of who would be better though.  I guess it’s because he’s supposed to be a high school age guy and I must be getting older and can’t think of hot young guys!

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  1. Vampire.Romance

    i agree with you, Robert Pattinson just isn’t as good looking as i pictured Edward either. Maybe Edward changes during the saga, as i have only read ‘Twilight’ myself. Kyle Schmid, if only he was a younger high school age boy would be perfect to play Edward.

  2. dsuzuki

    Hmmm…Kyle does look a little old. Orlando Bloom maybe? He’s not the greatest of actors although I think he’s good looking.

  3. Vampire.Romance

    yer, maybe… Kyle and Orlando sort of look similar, with the same sort of hair… but i still think Orlando is still a bit old.

  4. dsuzuki

    I totally forgot about Zac Efron. He’s not bad looking in this picture although he looks a tad bit old.

  5. vampireromance

    that makes sense, Zac Efron would make a good Edward Cullen; although i don’t really see Zac playing a vampire

  6. vampireromance

    i wonder why everyone seems to look to old to play Edward…

  7. dsuzuki

    Tell me about it. I don’t know about you but maybe it’s just because I’m getting older so I don’t find the younger actors that attractive.

  8. vampireromance

    Who knows? I’m only young, and the actors that are find attractive end up looking too old to play Edward, even when there in their mid 20’s.

  9. alessandra

    secomdo me edward cioè robert pattinson è bellissimo anche se a dir la verità anche taylor non è male io ho 10 anni e ho gia visto tt i 3 film anche perchè ne sono usiti solo quei 3 il quarto lo devoancora vedera ciao a tutti!!!!!!

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