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Star Trek, Atlantis, Charmed and more of my favorites

August 14th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I was playing around with a site I had created awhile ago and realized that other than the Olympics I don’t really watch that many of the latest tv shows.  I don’t know if I just haven’t given new shows enough time to grow on me.  But this site reminded me of some of my all time favorite shows and tv characters.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: who wouldn’t love Captain Picard!  My all time favorite Star Trek captain.  I loved this series and almost all of it’s characters.  The only one that didn’t grow on me was Dr. Pulaski.  I didn’t care for Riker initially but he did grow on me.  The way they had Wesley Crusher leave pretty much sucked.  I hated the series finale.

Star Trek: Voyager: I loved this series although Janeway really got on my nerves a lot.  I love Paris, Torres and Seven of Nine.  I didn’t care for Harry Kim too much.  I loved the episodes that had Tuvok and Neeliz interacting with each other.  Those usually made for good laughs.  I’m glad Voyager had a much better series finale than TNG.

Charmed: as much drama as Shannon Doherty brings I liked her as Prue in Charmed.  I did not care for Rose McGowan as much when Paige was brought on to replace Prue.  It was nice when Piper started to become more badass than wimpy in the later seasons.  It’s too bad Cole had to be killed off.  I really liked him and Phoebe together.  I’m not so sure about this whole cupid thing but I am glad the series ended on a happy ending.  I missed some of the later episodes so I’m curious what ever happened to Darryl.  I know he went through phases of not wanting to help the sisters and his wife went through those phases.  But other than the last episode when the sisters are supposedly dead I don’t recall him in other episodes.

Stargate Atlantis: I only started getting into this series a few months ago but I already love John Sheppard, Ronan and even Rodney is growing on me.  I thought Carson was hilarious and was totally bummed when they killed him off.  For the most part I like Dr. Weir although she has her self-righteous moments that get on my nerves.  It’s nice to see Robert Picardo again.

SG1: I am not as big a fan of Stargate SG1 as I am of Atlantis although Jack cracked me up in most of the episodes I saw him in.  I was also watching the movie Best of the Best the other week and was surprised to find out that Dr. Jackson was also in Best of the Best.

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