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Women's vault results

August 18th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

So I was only half watching because I was reading book but I don’t see how that Chinese gymnist landed on her knees and still managed to score higher than Sacramone.  Sacramone had a small hop on her landing on both vaults but still.  It’s not like she fell or they were huge hops.

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  1. H

    You’re totally right. Those judges got it wrong. It’s a shame that a mistake like this happens in a medal competition. The IOC needs to look into this and remove these judges from future competitions.

  2. dsuzuki

    I wish they had to list what they took points away for. I would say it was rigged for the Chinese as I feel like a lot of their routines were scored higher than they should be. But they keep saying how different judges judge each apparatus so who knows.

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