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Boycotted the uneven bars show

August 19th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

So I’m not sure yet if I regret not watching the un-even bar competition for the women’s gymnastics.  Apparently Liukin had an amazing performance which I wanted to see.  But I heard how the results were before they televised it and I knew watching it would just make me upset.  I should have watched it because even reading about it makes me mad.  I don’t see what the problem was with giving out two gold medals if two gymnasts received the same score.  It was so unfair that Liukin got the silver because of some messed up tie breaking system.  Have you read how that works?  According to NBC11’s article this is how they figured it:

“He and Liukin both finished with 16.725. They had identical 7.7 start values (the measure of a routine’s difficulty) and they each had a 9.025 for execution after the highest and lowest of the six judges’ marks were tossed out.

The execution mark is based on the perfect 10 scale, and the first tie-break takes the average of the four deductions that counted. He and Liukin were still tied after that.

For the second tie-break, the three lowest deductions that counted are averaged. When that was done, He had .933 in deductions and Liukin had .966.”

Now what kind of sense does that make?  Grrr.

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