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Midnight Sun by Stepenie Meyer

August 26th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

So I just got a copy of the first few chapters of Meyer’s book Midnight Sun.  It’s the book Twilight but from Edward’s point of view.   I was surprised that I’m actually really liking it so far.  I thought it would be kind of boring reading the same story but it is really interesting to see what Edward was thinking through out the book.  I only have about 175 pages and I’m trying to drag it out since I don’t know what to read next but it’s so hard not to read it all at once.

So some people are saying that hearing Edward’s point of view sort of ruins the mystery around him.  I wouldn’t say that.  It does answer some questions which is actually what I like.  It was interesting to hear his thoughts when Bella first walks into Biology and why he was so rude to her.  I’m actually just getting to the part about Alice’s vision of Bella either being killed or becoming a vampire and that was actually pretty funny.  So typical Alice.

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  1. nairee


    I’m an avid reader and the Twilight series are in the top ten of my favorite books so far!!!!

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  2. dsuzuki

    Stephenie Meyer just posted a cleaned up version on her website: Enjoy!

  3. NC

    can u plz plz plz send this too me too???

    i seriously cant find the link, nd im dying here cuz every1 xcept me no’s

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