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Breaking Down second read

August 28th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I just finished re-reading the entire series again.  I enjoyed Breaking Dawn more so this second time around but the ending was still anti-climatic for me.  They spend all this time preparing with Bella learning how to expand her shield, they talk about the powers of Zafrina, Kate and I think it was Benjamin?  But in the end they don’t really do anything.  Granted Bella moves her shield out to protect them from Jane and Alec but that’s it.

I know people keep saying it goes against Carlisle’s whole peaceful nature but I realized they already did have a big battle against Victoria and her vampires that were trying to kill Bella.  I didn’t think that felt out of place so why did Meyer avoid it in this book?  Granted I wouldn’t want any of the main characters to be killed but it would have been nice to see all these powers in action.  Not to mention Jane really needs to get her butt kicked around a little.

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