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Amazing Race Starts September 28

August 30th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Yay!  My favorite reality show starts up in like a month.  Here is a blurb on this season’s teams:

An ex-NFL player and his estranged wife, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and her actor brother, recent divorcees, a pair of Southern belles and fraternity brothers are among the 11 two-person teams hurrying for the finish line — and the $1 million grand prize — on the upcoming 13th edition of CBS’ “The Amazing Race.”

To get in the mood here are my all time least favorite teams:

Jen and Nathan from season 12.  Ugh, ok he was kind of a jerk at times but she was such a whiny little you know what.  I kind of wonder if he was a jerk when they got together or if that was just from putting up with her for so long.  Granted I know these shows edit to create drama but they really looked dysfunctional.

Ron & Kelly from season 7.  Ok, I didn’t really have anything against Ron but Kelly??!  Geez, give me a break.  The main thing I remember was her complaining to Ron about how he never finishes anything and when he mentioned his military service she said something like and you didn’t even finish that because you became a prisoner of war.  Could someone just smack her across the back of her head?

Jonathan & Victoria from season 6.   Could anyone ever forget this couple?  I couldn’t believe it when Jonathan hit Victoria and that she put up with all of his abuse.  I know this game puts people under a lot of stress and can bring out the worst in people but I can’t believe he’s not not a jerk when he’s at home too.

Charla and Mirna from season 5.  Ugh, this team so got on my nerves.  I got nothing against little people but geez this team was horrible.  I hated how they didn’t want to be treated differently from other people until being a littler person helped them out in the game.  Not to mention they were just plain rude.

Flo & Zac from season 3.   Zac was a great guy and so deserved to win but I hate to say I was rooting against his team because of Flo.  She was probably the least deserving winner of this game show.  She had way too many melt downs and unlike other teams which usually managed to come back she literally made Zac carry them to the end.  Ugh, I wish she didn’t get a share of the winnings.

Enough negativity, here are my favorite teams:

Oswald and Danny from Season 11.  Throughout most of the race they had a really great attitude and they just cracked me up.  I couldn’t get over when they stopped to buy some fruit during one of the legs of the race.

Erwin and Godwin from Season 10.  These guys seemed really sweet.  It was a shame they didn’t win but I guess it’s true nice guess finish last (or at least not first).

BJ & Tyler from Season 9.  These were probably the most happy go lucky guys in any season I’ve ever seen.  I’m really glad they won.  They kept up a great attitude and had fun with this entire experience.  I was in shock when they could speak Japanese.  So unexpected.

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