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Has Barack Obama made a big mistake?

September 11th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

First off I have to say I’m not all that in to politics where I research everything and I am admittedly swayed by what I read in the press.  But I feel like Obama made a big mistake not picking Hilary as his VP candidate.  Granted I am a Hilary supporter and am finding it hard to support Obama.  In fact the only reason I would vote for him is because McCain picked Palin as his VP candidate.  Before that I was really undecided.  If Obama had chosen Hilary there would already be almost guaranteed every vote she got in the primaries.

All over the news is talk about how Palin has energized McCain’s campaign and has raised Republican support this election.  I think I read the number of those who were interested went from like 30% up to 60% after Palin’s initial speech.  I’ve also seen postings in my mother’s groups on how a lot of women are tempted to vote for McCain now because he chose a woman, a mother, as he running mate.

Would McCain have chosen Palin if Obama had chosen Hilary?  I highly doubt it.  I think he really was going for that women’s vote.

I think Obama’s concern with choosing Hilary is he really wouldn’t have been able to stand up to her.  She is a strong force and would probably end up overshadowing him as president.  Not to mention Bill Clinton.  You know he would have a hard time staying out of it.  Still I wonder if Obama’s choice is going to lose him the election?  Seems like the Democrats always seem to stumble when you think it’s guaranteed they will win.  Maybe that is their problem.  Over confidence.  I think that’s where Hilary lost to Obama.

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