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America's Next Top Model 2nd elimination

September 15th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I’m watching America’s Next Top Model and it’s the episode after the first cut so this posting is going to be some what rambling as I write as I watch.

I heard that there is a transgender contestant this season and I think it’s Isis but not sure.  Is it just me or does she look remarkably like Lluvy from cycle 4?  I notice a lot of times they choose those that I wouldn’t conventially call beautiful and I just didn’t understand Lluvy and I still don’t get what it is about Isis that is top model.

Elina reminds me of Katarzyna (sp?) from I think last season.  I think Katarzyna was prettier but I kind of like Elina so far.

Now the whole thing with Hannah and if she’s racist.  I think they jumped to conclusions (granted I’ve only seen less than half an hour).  But when Hannah said why don’t they just come out and say what’s bothering them I’m like uhhh…they did just ask you if you were racist.

I think one thing a lot of the small town girls don’t realize is this isn’t their small town any more.  They are going to be put in a lot of different situations and meet people they may not necessarily approve of but they should expect that going into a career like modeling.

Sheena is getting on my nerves.  She has so much attitude and I don’t think she’s all that.

Balloon Shot and judging impressions:

Lauren Brie: wow, she had some good posing going on.  Face-wise I wasn’t impressed but I loved her poses.

Elina: poses didn’t seem as great as Lauren Brie but her look was great.  I totally saw what Jay was talking about when he said he saw Angelina Jolie.

Analeigh: she looked really uncomfortable but they didn’t show her much.

Sheena: wow, show girl is all I could think.  LOL, I can’t believe she asked if her breasts were real.  Huh, boy did she call it. They aren’t real.

Isis: her legs looked really awkward and the lips just weren’t doing it.

I missed her name but it was the loud mouth: wow, why was she the only one so far that seemed to have issues keeping her dress down?  I’m surprised they said she was too thin.  I totally agree but surprised they thought so too.

Brittany: she looked scared up there and ungraceful.

Joslyn: she looked good but way muscular

Clark: hmm…nothing really to say.  They said nice face but I didn’t see it.  Her face looked a little dead in the picture they chose.

Hannah: looked really uncomfortable and her face looked a little mousish to me. Her face looked dead in the picture they showed.

Samantha: her face looked really great but I didn’t care for her poses

Mckey: she definitely has a interesting look but she didn’t look natural up there

Missed the last girl.  Was it Marjorie?  Her photo was okay.

I missed the girl’s name who was third to the last to get her picture but she totaly reminds me of Denise Richards.

Alright so I’m still trying to figure out who is who but so far my favorite is Elina and I’m satisfied with Nakeesha (sp?) going home.

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