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My Must Have Baby Items

September 17th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

My daughter recently turned 1 and people in my mom’s group and discussion board are always talking about what are some must have or recommended items.  So far here is what came in handy for me or what my daughter loved.  Luckily I got a lot of these as hand me downs or from Craigslist.

Going out to eat:

Nuby sippy cups.  My daughter loves chewing on the spout as well as drinking from them.

Kiddopotamous Tiny Diner mat

Toys my daughter loves(d) to play with:

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Table

Evenflo Exersaucer 3 in 1 Pond

Sassy Click N Chew Keys

Other Gear:

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair: I love this chair.  It’s easy to wipe down and when she was young we would take it out with us to restaurants.

Wubanub pacifier: my daughter still likes to hold this when going to sleep and chews on the pacifier part when teething.

Jeep Liberty Limited Jogging Stroller

Has a nice tray with a steering wheel toy to keep her occupied and two cup holders that I can put little snacks in.  Can also hook up the mp3 player with her nursery rhymes to play while we walk.  I have to update this post to say while I like this stroller the one thing that is getting irritating as we go on longer walks is the brake.  I don’t know if it’s because I bought it used but every time I hit a bump the break comes down a little so you hear this irritating clicking as it brushes the stroller wheel.  So I have to stop to fully flip up the brake.  I wish it were like the BOB where you have to flip the brake up to lock it and down to release it.

Push Around Buggy

Summer Infant Day and Night color monitor

Britax Marathon Car seat

Cost a lot but it was worth it.  It was so comfortable and sturdy looking.  Not to mention our daughter will be able to use it for a loooong time and we got a good sale price on it.

Munchkin Duck Bath

My daughter freaked out when I tried to put her in the regular tub so this is what we’re using now and it works great.

Favorite Books:

Brown Bear Brown Bear

The Going to Bed Book

I Love You Through and Through

What Does Baby Say

Counting Kisses

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  1. Barb

    I totally agree with you on some of these items! I really like the books we saw at your house today, I feel like running out and grabbing more to add to our already crazy selection. I guess you cant ever have enough books!

    I’d have to add the “Foogo thermo” straw thing to add to your list. I feel like I should have just saved all my $ from the other cups and bought this one to begin with.

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