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Chinese Tainted baby formula

September 18th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I just saw this Tribune news article on Google news: How was Chinese baby formula chemically tainted.  From this article it sounds like the manufacturer tried to cut corners by putting melamine into the formula to raise protein levels.  This is what the Tribune article says about melamine: Melamine is a chemical that can be derived from coal and is about 66 percent nitrogen. It is combined with other chemicals to produce plastics. It is found in fertilizer, flame retardant clothing, countertops, dyes, glues and many other household items.

I can’t believe they would add something like this to baby formula.  Did these peopele really think they could get away with it?  Did they not stop to realize the effect this would have on the babies?  They already confirmed 4 dead and over 6,000 sick.  Even the ones who live I wonder what long term effects this would have on them.  My heart breaks for all those kids and their families.

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