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Chocolate Lover's Club by Carole Matthews

September 18th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Just finished this book up yesterday.  It was a fun read.  It’s about 4 women who make up the Chocolate Lover’s Club.  Lucy Lombard whose boyfriend is a chronic cheater, Autumn who has to deal with a drug dealing brother, Nadia whose husband is addicted to online gambling and Chantal whose husband only wants to have sex with her maybe once a year.  It follows these women through their troubles and the support they give each other at their chocolate haven.  Who said chocolate can’t cure all problems?

It sort of followed the lines of typical chick lit.  There were some parts that seemed thrown in there just for random fun.  Chantal ends up hiring a “male escort” to serve her needs and it turns out to be a guy Lucy started dating after dumping her cheating boyfriend.  Matthews builds it up so Lucy and this guy, Jacob, seem to get along really well and bam Lucy finds out he has been sleeping with Chantal.  There is a brief spat between Lucy and Chantal but that is quickly patched up and next thing you know Lucy is on to dating her boss, “Crush”.  Seemed like the whold Jacob/Lucy story line could have been cut out as I don’t see what purpose it served.

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