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Survivor Gabon Premiere

September 26th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

So physically the Fang tribe definitely looks weaker and I can’t believe that wedding photographer got injured on the first night at camp.  I thought that video game player with that cute girl was so funny.  You almost want to hope he gets a kiss at some point during this game.

Ok, that girl who ate the termite is getting on my nerves.  Can you believe her comment about how the other tribe got all the “beautiful” people and she got stuck with dorks?  It’s not like I see her doing anything other than complaining.  Gillian as a good attitude but she does need to layoff the loudness.

Fang lost the first two challenges badly.  It wasn’t even close.

First elimination: ok, attitude-wise I can see why they got rid of michelle but she was one of hte stronger players.  Seems like a bad move but we’ll see.

Fang lost again but at least this time they gave Kota a run for their money.  Is it just me or does the 57yr old guy on Kota remind you of Bill Nye the Science Guy?

Dan was sent to Exile Island and had to choose between getting an apple and getting a clue to the immunity idol.  He chose the clue but wasn’t able to find the idol.  His tribe mates thought he found it but he dumped his bag out at tribal council to show he didn’t find it.

The wedding photographer managed to make a fish hook using his glasses which was rather impressive.  They managed to catch five fish and eat a little bit of protein.

Second elimination: thank goodness it was Jillian.  She really needed to go to strengthen the tribe.

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