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Amazing Race Premiere

September 29th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

So exciting that the Amazing Race has finally started.  First stop is Brazil.

That comment about wanting to be adopted by “mom and dad” was funny because from the first few minutes that green team isn’t the mom and dad I would want.  So first leg of the race and so far a bunch of teams have missed the flags marking the American Airlines counter.  6 teams made it onto the first American flight to Brazil but it is delayed.

When they get in they have to deliver a candy cart then they have to go to a military base to get one of three different departure times the next day.

The divorcees can’t find the place to pick up the candy carts and the next flight has landed.  From the way they edited the film it looks like the frat boys got there right after the divorcees.  That woman in pink seems like she’s helping a bunch of the teams with their carts.

The frat boys are the last on the 930 departure.  Their next destination is a church.  Terrence seems kind of like a jerk.  First he gets mad when Sarah talks to the other teams and then he is complaining that she is outrunning him.  Well, suck it up and deal with it.

The detour is hard way up or soft way down.  Hard way up they have to climb the entire stone stair case on their knees and then answer a mystery quesiton.  If they are wrong they have to go around to the bottom and try again.  Soft way is to climb down 240 ft on a cargo net and only 3 teams are allowed on the net at a time.  Sarah and Terrence messed up and took the elevator to the cargo net when they were supposed to take the service stairs.  Nick and Starr the brother and sister were the first on the cargo net.  The cargo net sounded easy but man watching them 240 feet seems farther than it sounded.

Next is the pit stop.  The boats to the pit stop are in walking distance from the cargo net.  The brother and sister team are first and win a trip to Belize.

The frat boys so far are the only ones who picked the hard way up and the question was how many stairs did they climb and the guys guessed 40.  The answer was wrong and they had to go back to the start.  The correct answer was 53 steps.

The hippies are the first team eliminated.  Sad but not really unexpected.  So far I don’t have a favorite team so we’ll see what next week brings.  Today’s episode really seemed to fly by.  I can’t believe it was an hour passed already.

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