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America's Next Top Model 4th and 5th eliminations

September 29th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

The girls go to a bowling alley to practice their runway walk.  Wow, Hannah’s walk was hilarious.  She looked like she was mad and throwing a temper tantrum or something.  Joslyn looked good to me.  Samantha looked like she was going to fall.

Wow, I didn’t realize Isis was only 5’7″.  Hard to believe since she was a guy so you would expect her to be taller.

The next day is of course the run way challenge and it’s at a bank.  The twist is they will be blind folded and someone will be eliminated without a photo shoot.  When they got the blind fold on their said they could see a little bit so no one actually fell off.

Elina looked like she did well.  Samantha flipped up her skirt when she got to the end of the run way.   Hannah still looked horrible walking!  The winner was Joslyn.  Jay and Miss Jay eliminated Hannah after the runway competition.  It was too bad but her walk was her doom.

I can’t believe that designer Kira is only 15.  She looks a lot older.  And it’s amazing that she’s apparently a really successful designer at her age as well.

That Analeigh girl is so negative.  She needs to start thinking positively.  When you just look at her every day I don’t see it.  But when she’s all dolled up she still reminds me of Denise Richards.

Their photo shoot is in the pool at their house with Nigel Barker as the photographer.  They will be photographed from the eyes up.  I loved Mr. Jay’s comment that he thought Clark was flirting with Nigel.  But heck if I was around Nigel I would try to flirt too.  Elina needs to loosen up.  I really hope she does improve though cause I like her looks.    I guess I can relate too because I would have the same problem.  I’m so afraid of loosening up and doing something stupid that I lock myself up.

Sheena’s picture looked great. Joslyn’s eyes looked a little dead to me or maybe deer in headlights?  Marjorie’s eyes look good but the rest of her looks strange.  I loved Lauren Brie’s pose.  Isis’s picture was horrible.  One eye looks like it’s listing and the other has no emotion.  Clark so far is my favorite picture.  McKee was ok but it was kind of boring to me even though Tyra said it was intense.  Hmm…Elina’s picture doesn’t look bad.  I don’t see why they are hard on her for the picture even if she couldn’t pose well in the shoot.  I didn’t like Analeigh’s picture even though the judges liked it.  Samantha’s picture looked great.

Overall, Clark’s picture is still my favorite.  I hope Isis goes home.  Her shoot was horrible and like I’ve mentioned before I haven’t liked her past shoots.  Wow, that guest judge was harsh on Samantha.  Accurate but harsh.

Yay!  Clark got called first.  She seems so plain in judging but her picture was excellent.  Ok, Lauren Brie reminds me of I think her name was Chantal.  The runner up they showed the what is she doing now spiel on.  Samantha and Isis ended up in the bottom two and finally Isis was eliminated. Now, I have to see what happens in the next episode since I no longer have someone I’m rooting for to go home.

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