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America's Next Top Model 6th Elimination

October 2nd, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

The first challenge was judged by Paulina and they were all given clothes that didn’t fit very well.  They also got a tool bet of different items like clips, cans, water bottles, etc to try and make the clothes fit better.  McKee won and got 50 extra frames at their next photo shoot.  Marjorie broke down crying because she didn’t do well and she couldn’t take any criticism without feeling like a failure.  Samantha did the worst because she altered the look of her clothes to be totally different.

The photo shoot was the girls as natural disasters.  Samantha and McKee did really well.  Marjorie got a good shot at the end by Jay said he had to spoon feed her to get the shot.  So she was totally bummed out.  At first I felt bad for her but now I see what Samantha was saying.  Marjorie does seem totally negative and seems to just tear herself down.

Samantha got the first photo.  Clark and Joslyn ended up in the bottom two and Clark was the one to go home.  It’s too bad.  I liked some of Clark’s photo although she didn’t have much personality.  To be honest based on photos I would have sent both of them home.

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