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Survivor Week 2

October 3rd, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

So the reward challenge was for pillows, blankets, mat, etc.  Each team had one person holding on to a pole and two members of the other team to try and drag them back to the start line.  Ace from Kota stuck to that pole like nothing was going on and JC from Fang gave up trying to get Ace off the pole.  Second wrong Fang had no problems getting Paloma off the pole and over the finish line.  Fang won the third round and sent Sugar to Exile Island.

Sugar talked about how she came on Survivor to try and grown up and deal with the death of her father about 7 months ago.  She did much better than Dan did and found the idol.  She commented on how funny it was that she found it and the lawyer didn’t.

On the Kota side there is an alliance of 4 and trying to use Bob as their swing vote.  Paloma seems isolated and Ace is trying to protect Sugar.

For te immunity challenge the tribes had to take basically a long water slide into the lake and get 6 numbers.  Then one member had to solve a riddle to get the combination to a locked box.  The box contained a hand ax to cut a rope to release their flag.  Crystal gave Fang a good lead and Suzie lost it so Kota took the lead.  Although Kota had the lead the gamer beat the physics teacher in figuring out the combination and won immunity for Fang.

Ace is trying to convince everyone to get rid of Paloma and Paloma is trying to convince Corinne to get rid of Ace.  Guess Paloma doesn’t realize Corrinne is already in an alliance with Charlie and a couple other tribe members already.  Or she’s trying to use that alliance to her advantage.  Unfortunately it didn’t help her and Paloma was sent home.

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