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VP debate last night

October 3rd, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I have to admit only half watching since my daughter was keeping my hands full but Palin didn’t seem to make any big mistakes.  I thought Biden did well too.  I’ve never actually seen him speak very much and he seemed more approachable then I expected.

All of Biden’s winking was getting on my nerves.  At first I thought she had a slight tick and I think she really tried to push this every day folk thing too far.  I couldn’t believe when she did a shout out to the school kids.  I felt like I was watching her run for the head of the PTA rather than as a VP.

Palin was honest saying she didn’t share common views with McCain on all issues and that is what makes me nervous about McCain winning as VP.  With this health and age it doesn’t seem unlikely that Palin may one day be president and I really don’t agree with her views on many issues.

I am glad they remained civil during the debate.

ETA: I’m reading some of the commentaries on how well Palin did because she wasn’t the train wreck that everyone was expecting.  Is it just me or is it kind of sad that she is considered to do well because she didn’t say or do anything that turned into a train wreck?   I didn’t feel like she said anything that changed how I viewed her and made me more inclined to vote for a McCain/Palin ticket.  And for those who think I am a Obama supporter bashing Palin I really rather not for Obama either but the more I listen to Palin and read about her views the less likely I am to vote for McCain.

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