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Amazing Race episode 2

October 6th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

The teams have to go to Fortaleza.  The brother and sister leave first.  Sarah and Terrnace leave third and that Terrance guy is such a baby!  The cab driver accidentally hit him on the head with the trunk door.  I know it hurts to get knocked on the head but he was talking as if he had blood pouring down his head and there was only a little drop of blood.  And that Sarah, I can’t believe she was like “and they didn’t even say hi to us”.  Geez girl.  Get a tougher skin.  Toni and Dallas (mom and son) team so cute as they headed out.  They seem totally supportive of each other.  The Southern Belles leave last.

I can’t believe Tina was taking credit for the airline switching to a larger plane.  Would an airline really switch to a different plane just because someone begged to be on a flight?  Seems odd to me.  I also didn’t understand the drama about who gets to board the plane first.  Did they not have assigned seats?  Was this like a Southwest type airline?  Strange.

Terrence and Sarah get to the next stop first.  They ride a dune buggy on the beach to the detour which looked like a ton of fun.  The Frat boys and Aja and Ty couldn’t find the clue box and lost any lead they had.


Beach it: they choose a two man crew and drag a 440lb boat 100 yards into the water.

Docket: have to travel to a ship yard and look through the database for a number that matches their clue and then find the container that matches their number.

Marisa and Brook (Southern Belles) and the nerds(best friends) are the only teams that choose Docket but the southern belles accidentally tell their driver to follow a team going to Beach It.  They decide to do beach it since they are already there.

I can’t believe Terrence told Sarah “next time you want to do push ups in the morning, don’t.”  He didn’t sound like he was joking.  They finish first but they miss the arrows pointing to where the taxis are.  The divorcees get confused looking for an unmarked container which referred to the other detour task.  So in the end the best friends are first and the brother sister are second.

Ken & Tina should not get back together.  They are so dysfunctional.

Toni and Dallas finally stopped to tell Sarah and Terrence where to get the taxis.  The divorcees finally give up looking for the non-existent container after several other teams leave.

Interesting, the clue says at the road block to tell your taxi to wait.  One of the teams read that out loud which makes me think someone is going to forget.  One person has to find a destination written on a wall among all the other advertisements.  I missed the details of how they figure it out.  The nerdy guy decided to just write down everything and go down the list with the guy they need to check in with instead of running back and forth.  The best friends (nerds) finish first and they are headed to the pit stop.

I can’t believe the divorcees are just telling themselves they learned they need to read the clue carefully and then they totally miss the part of the clue that says to tell their taxi to wait.  One of the best friend’s back pack ripped so they ended up in second place and Ken and Tina finish first and win ATVs.

haha…Sarah cracked me up when she was commenting on how she was in a rush to get through the road block and Terrance wanted to pause to give a kiss.  The divorcees solve the road block pretty quickly but they can’t find a taxi since they let theirs go.

I don’t know why the other teams aren’t just writing everything down too and just run down the list.

It was great to see Terrence finally showed a nicer side.  I can’t get over after all the time the divorcees spent trying to hail a taxi and it turned out their taxi was still there.  Nick was showing a jerky side of himself.  I don’t like him so far.  It’s too bad Anthony and Stephanie were eliminated this leg.  From what I saw they seemed like a really nice team.

So it’s still early but I like the mom/son team (Toni & Dallas) but I think the mom just doesn’t have the physical endurance to win.    The divorcees need to shape up and stop making stupid mistakes.  I think Terrence and Sarah might do well if their relationship doesn’t implode.  I’m not sure who I would pick as a good bet for a winner yet.

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