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America's Next Top Model…And then there were seven

October 9th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I was only half watching the beginning of this episode.  The girls had a session with Tyra to go over posing and viewing thier pictures on the monitor.  At the end of the session Tyra announces that it was a challenge and Marjorie wins.

The photo shoot was the girls attending the “fearsie” awards and they each play a role of some situation you may encounter at an award show.  McKee did well as the actress who thinks they are going to win the award but doesn’t.  Analeigh did well but her mouth was hanging open in all the shots they showed.  Marjorie sounded like everyone’s favorite.  She was playing the person that needs to go to the bathroom but can’t get out of her dress.  Sheena, Elina and Lauren Brie didn’t play their parts so well.

Ok, am I the only one that found the whole little black riding hood schtick dumb?  I thought that outfit Tyra had on looked ridiculous.  But on to the elimination.

The first photo handed out as expected was Marjorie.  Analeigh got her photo second which was great since she was so worried about not taking good photos.  Surprisingly Elina didn’t end up in the bottom two.  They said she totally wasn’t showing the emotion of crying in her photo shoot and still wasn’t letting go enough.  Sheena and Lauren Brie ended up in the bottom two.  Tyra says that Sheena’s personality saved her and Lauren Brie was the one eliminated.

Next week the girls will be working on a commercial and it looks like Elina and Sheena clas.

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