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Survivor Episode 3

October 10th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Sounds like Kota is targeting Kelly to go next since she voted against Ace with Paloma.

Dan, Randy, Matty and Susie seem to have solidified an alliance against GC, Kenny and Crystal.

Reward challenge: they have to rank their tribe in order of how valuable they are to the tribe.  Each person fills out their votes in private.  Kota ranked Marcus as most important, then Ace, Bob, Charlie, Jackie, Corrine, Sugar and Kelly as least valuable.  Matty was first for Fang, then Dan, Randy, Crystal, Ken, GC and then Susie as least valuable.  And then the shocker.  They are picking new tribes after they see where people were ranked.

Marcus and Matty get to be the captains of each tribe and start the picking.

Kota-Marcus, Dan, Charlie, Randy, Corrine, Susie, Bob

Fang-Matty, Ace,Crystal, Jackie, Ken, Kelly, GC last to be picked from Fang

Charlie cracks me up.  He has such a crush on Marcus.  Sugar is last and goes to Exile Island and is safe at next Tribal Council and then will join whichever tribe loses a member at the next tribal council.

Susie is trying to work hard to show her value to the Kota tribe.  Sugar chooses comfort this time at Exile Island since she already found the hidden immunity idol.  She wonders which tribe she will go to and of course is hoping Kelly gets voted out and she goes over to Fang to be with Ace.

Woooo…Kelly is letting it all out that she felt like the outcast on the former Kota tribe even though Jacquie was trying to put on the front that they were all one happy tribe on the former Kota tribe.  Kelly is telling them how everything was on Kota before.  Ken is so funny.  He’s like oh yeah we can convince her to join us and oh yeah, she’s hot.  He also gets suckered in by the pretty face.  Hopefully this time it works out better for him.

The immunity challenge looks like some form of lacrosse.  There was some worry about Randy and Susie not being able to pull their weight in challenges but how Susie does great work around camp so it’s not un-thought of to keep her over Randy.  It looks like they are playing a water form of lacrosse in little rafts and first tribe to 3 points wins.  Kota scores first.  Marcus is looking real good at this game.  Kelly is pretty pathetic.  Randy scores Kota’s second point as no goalie was guarding their goal.  Fang is not looking happy with Kelly’s performance.  Kelly yet again is just sitting there and not doing anything.  Gotta love Jeff’s comments.  He just said “Kenny is virtually useless in this competition.   Marcus again passes to Randy, Matty blocks the shot.  Ace blocks another attempt but third times a charm and Randy scores the third point.

I don’t understand Kelly.  The rest of Fang besides Ace was pretty useless but at least the others were trying.  Kelly just sat there.  So I think she has a target on her back.  Kota won but it was all Marcus and Randy.  The rest of their tribe was pretty useless too.

GC is pushing to evict Kelly instead of Jacquie since she performed better.  Their main worry is that if Sugar has the immunity idol they figure she would give it to Ace or Jacquie but not Kelly.  Matty isn’t cool with voting out Jacquie and goes to Jacquie and tells her what is going down.  So she goes to Ken and trys to convince him to get rid of Kelly.  Ken is such a sucker.  I think most girls would be able to wrap him around their little finger.  He tells her to talk to Crystal and surprisingly Crystal seems to be falling for Jacquie’s sob story.  I guess it’s the athlete in her that feels bad since Jacquie did try ard during the immunity challenge where as Kelly didn’t try at all.

At Tribal Council: wow, Kelly was stupid to try to say Ken and Crystal were weak at the competition.  They were the people she needs to help her out and it’s stupid to antagonize them.

Jacquie is the one who ends up getting voted out.  Kelly’s really going to have to step it up to stay on the tribe though.  I think if they lose again she will be next to go.

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