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Amazing Race Oct. 12

October 13th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

My husband kept channel flipping so I missed the beginning but I there was some drama about the divorcee team accusing Starr of pushing her sports bra out a window.

The first leg they have to go to the next destination, La Paz Bolivia, and search the newspaper classifieds for the next clue.  Gosh, Sarah is such an idiot.  I couldn’t get over her comment that she finally realized that all the other teams are out for themselves and this is a game and not a popularity contest.  Duh!  It took you this long to figure it out?

It will be interesting to see how this leg plays out.  Several teams have been talking about the high altitude and already breathing feels weird.

They get to the destination before the newspapers are ready and they luck out that there is a woman there handing out blankets for them to camp out with.

Nick approaches the divorcees and tries to straighten things out with them.  The divorcees are totally brushing him off.  Sarah and I think it’s Starr manage to get some locals agree to help them out on this leg.

I really hope the newspaper delivery guy knew these teams were waiting for him because they totally swarmed around him like bees.  The next clue is to go to a hat shop and buy a traditional hat to get their next clue.  Traffic is insanely crazy and some of the teams walking actually got there faster.  The frat boys and Terrance and Sarah get their first.

Musical march: make their way on foot to a place they gather musicians to form a band and march to a plaza where the band leader will give them their next clue.

Bumpy ride: the teams can take a taxi to pick up a wooden bike on cobblestone roads and use a map to get to the next clue.  It looks really uncomfortable but it seems like it would be faster.

There is a U-Turn at this detour to force another team to complete both parts of the detour.  Each team can only use a U-Turn once.

It looks like Sarah thinks they were supposed to go to the bike detour on foot too and since they are in a taxi she wants to go back and start again on foot.  The best friends get to the bikes first.  Everyone else is struggling on foot and with the altitude.  The frat boys get to the musical detour first.  They get their two band members but the band members walk soooo slow.  Sarah and Terrence and Tina and her hubby, the divorcees and Aja & Ty are all doing the bike detour.  Oops, looks like one of the divorcees wiped out and one of them is bleeding.  The bike detour looks crazy!  They look like they are going really fast down hill on these wooden bikes.  Yikes. Toni and Dallas are struggling or at least the mom is but they finally get to the bike detour.  The best friends get to the U-Turn first and choose not to use it.

They ave to go 8 miles to the next location for their next clue.

Nick and Starr deliberated if they should use the U-Turn on Kelly & Christy but in the end decide not to.  Toni and Dallas are last to the clue box.  The best friends taxi has to stop for gas so Tina and Ken get to the road block first.

The person who does the road block has to wrestle a fighting cholitas  (a woman).  They get taught a routine of six moves and then have to perform their routine in the ring.  If they mess up any move then they have to train again and then try again.  It was hilarious to see Ken’s face when he found out the cholitas were women.  I don’t like Tina but Ken seems like a lot of fun.  I still can’t get over when he kissed Terrance to get him in a better mood.  OMG, they even make them where a spandex costume.   LOL…the best friend in his red and blue spandex is hilarious!  Ken’s up first in the ring and completes all 6 moves on the first try.  He looked like he was having fun with it.  The next clue said to take a taxi to the next pit stop.

Wow, Toni and Dallas manage to move from last up to fourth place.   Ahhh…the nerd is in the ring now and messes up his duck and re-entry into the ring.  So he has to go back to training.  Of course the blond gets all the guys cheering for her (Southern belle team).  She messes up the duck and flip and has to go back to training.  While waiting for their teammates Aja tells the divorcees that Nick and Starr tried to get them to U-Turn them.  Dalls is next in the ring and passes on his first try and move up to 2nd place.  Sarah is in the ring and messes up.  Oh oh…the nerd is on oxygen now.  The frat boy trips as he gets into the ring but passes on his first try.  Nick is in the ring and then Ty is in the ring.  Looks like both pass on their first try.  The nerd is finally off oxygen and back in the ring but messes up the duck and flip.  Poor guy!  I feel so bad for him.  I really like this team but I’m afraid they are going to be eliminated.

Ken and Tina check in first.  haha…looks like they get to keep the spandex outfit.  They win a 7 night trip for two to Cabo San Lucas.

Marisa (southern belles) and Mark (best friends) are back in again.  Marisa makes it through on her second try and Mark finally makes it through.  Sarah finishes successfully.  Looks like the divorcees are last.

Man traffic sucks big time.  Oh man, Sarah and Terrence pass Mark and Bill.  Toni and Dallas check in second.  Man all these teams keep passing each other but they stopped showing the nerds.  Sarah and Terrence come in third, the southern belles come in fourth.  Oh the nerds finally realize they took a taxi to the detour when they were supposed to go on foot.  So even if they check in before other teams they will have a penalty.  Aja & Ty come in 5th, Nick and Starr come in 6th.  The frat boys come in 7th.  Looks like it’s over for the nerds (best friends).  Sooooo sad :(  They check in 8th but have a 30 minute penalty.  Ugh…those divorcees are getting on my nerves.  It sucks that they get to stay and the nerds have to go.  I wish this was a non-elimination round.  They were my favorite team.  This really sucks.  I guess I’ll be rooting for Toni and Dallas although I think the mom is still going to be dragging the team down.

Ouch, looks like Starr might have injured herself in the next episode.

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