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A Lick of Frost by Laura K. Hamilton

October 16th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I read this book since Hamilton was recommended to me by several people.  However, after reading this book I am not impressed.  I just looked it up on Amazon and it looks like it’s book 6 in a series.  So maybe that’s why I felt like it was disjointed and a lot of things weren’t explained well.

The story was about Princess Meredith who is heir to the kingdom of Unseelie court if she can conceive a child.  She has a harem of 16 guards who she is also having sex with and whichever one gets her pregnant will become king to her queen.  She has two guards, Doyle and Frost, who she actually loves and is torn that she might have to marry someone else.

To complicate things three of her guards are accused by her uncle, the kind of the Seelie court, of raping a woman in his court.

If you don’t want to know what happens stop here.

Meredith’s uncle attacks her guards at a meeting with the lawyers defending and prosecuting her guards and apparently goes mad.  This leads some in his court to plot to over throw the king and place Meredith on the throne of the Seelie court instead of the Unseelie court.

Doyle is seriously injured and Meredith plainly shows her preference for him over the other guards causing some jealousy among them.  One Rhys says he knows she loves Doyle and Frost but he is in love with her and will still try to be the father of her child.

In the end Meredith finds she is carrying twins and somehow 6 men turn out to be the fathers.  This is one area I didn’t understand.  It refers back to some moment where Meredith released some wild magic and that allowed 6 men to create two children with her.  Three of the fathers turn out to be Doyle, Frost and Rhys but Frost ends up dying and turning into a stag at the end of the book and runs off.  After she finds out she’s pregnant her uncle kidnaps and rapes her thinking to make her his wife, not knowing she is already pregnant.  Some of his court rescue her and condemn the king as mad.

The book basically ends with Meredith turning down the throne to the Unseelie court and still pregnant.  Doyle lives and stays wit her.  There was also a side story of Meredith’s aunt, the current queen of the Unseelie court, who hates Meredith but who for some reason has made Meredith her heir instead of her own son.  Not sure why that is.  But apparently to punish Meredith, the queen tortures the guards who would have chosen to leave and join Meredith’s guard but did not make it to Meredith’s home in time.  Not sure what is going to happen there as I think one of the men still stuck with the queen is also one of the fathers of Meredith’s twins.

I don’t think I’ll be reading any other books in this series even though I am a little curious about what happens.  It was too hard to get through this book.

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