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Dark Curse by Christine Feehan

October 16th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I love Feehan’s Ghostwalker series but not normally a fan of the Carpathian books.  However, I really enjoyed this one.  It was about Nicholas De La Cruz who finds his lifemate.  I know he is one of like 4 or 5 brothers.  His lifemate is Lara Calladine, daughter of the mage, Razvan.  In the two other Carpathian novels I read we learned that Razvan was a mage who apparently is working with his father, Xavier, and the vampires to wipe out the Carpathian race.  Lara has all these memories of Razvan torturing and feeding on her as a young child.  Her two aunts who are trapped in the frozen ice in dragon form manage to help her escape when she is 8 and she goes out to live in the human world.

When Lara is grown she is determined to find the caves she and her aunts were imprisoned to see if her memories were real and if she can rescue her aunts from Razvan.  Here she meets Nicholas and is bound to him despite her fears of being dominated and fed upon.  She and Nicholas struggle to find a balance that allows Lara the freedom so she doesn’t feel like she is back in someone else’s control and Nicholas’s need to dominate those around him.

Stop here if you don’t want to read any spoilers.

It turns out that both Lara’s aunts and father blocked certain child hood memories and as those come forward again we find out that Razvan is not really an evil man.  It turns out his father was black mailing him using Lara into doing certain things and eventually giving his father control of his mind and body.  So all of the evil things he did to Lara were actually when Razvan was being controlled by his father’s will.

In previous novels the dilemma of why so many Carpathian women are unable to bear children or their children to survive past the first year is brought up.  In this book we find out that it was Razvan/Xavier who developed a super bug that causes the Carpathian womens bodies to reject their own fetuses as something foreign and if somehow the baby survives the bug kills the baby.  It turns out Lara has the ability to trick this bug out into the open where Natalya, another aunt of Lara’s, is able to destroy them.

The book ends with them realizing that Lara’s two aunts that were trapped in Carpathian form are actually Carpathian instead of mages.  They manage to rescue the aunts from Razvan/Xavier’s secret lab and free them of the ice.  There are several unsolved dilemmas such as how to fully eliminate this bug.  It exists in the soil the Carpathians sleep in so even though Lara can remove them, they get re-infected as soon as they go to ground again.  A debate also began in this book about whether or not any Carpathian women should be trained to fight and allowed to fight the vampires.  The worry is that they are needed too badly to bear chldren to risk in fights and it also divides their lifemates’ attention during fights.  Lara and Natalya are also determined to rescue Razvan (also is Natalya’s twin brother).

I think I’m actually going to have to read the next book to see what happens.  This was book 16 and I have no clue how many more books Feehan plans on writing in this series.  This was a new hard back book so I guess it will be awhile before the next one comes out.  I recommend this book to Feehan fans.

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