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The Last Oracle by James Rollins

October 16th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

This book is another in the series about Sigma force which is a government organization that basically took military special force members who were also talented in the sciences and put them through specialized phd programs.  This book in particular is a sequel to The Judas Strain.  That book ends with one of the members of Sigma, Monk, last scene being drawn down to the bottom of the ocean taggled in a mass of nets.

This books begin with Gray Pierce finally accepting that Monk might really be dead.  As he is walking to the Sigma Force headquarters a homeless man is shot and dies in his arms.  As the man dies he presses a coin on Gray.  Investigation shows that this wasn’t really a homeless man but a professor who specialized in the study of people can do extraordinary things with their minds like remote viewing, telekinesis, etc.

This all leads into a story about autistic savant children being used by the Russians and Americans for their own reasons.  The Russian team is lead by a woman who is determined to kill a majority of the world’s current leaders and catapult her own son into a prime leadership position to fill the void.  Several of the chldren foresee what they plan and they put into action their own plan which involved gaining Gray’s help and also that of Monk.  One of the girls sees Monk drowning before it happens and the Russians rescue him in case he is someone important.  When it turns out he isn’t they experiment on his brain and cause him amnesia.

In the end the children and Sigma force stop the Russians from killing the worlds major leaders, rescue most of the children and Monk returns home although he doesn’t really remember his wife or daughter.  The one sad thing and kind of confusing part is that the boy who first sees all of this in the end sacrifices his own life and leaves the soul of an ape in his body.  Granted he loved this ape and the ape loved and protected him but I don’t understand why the boy felt he had to die.  Very strange.

The book also ends on a hint that Seichan, Gray’s enemy/love interest, from previous books is about to enter the picture again.  This book was pretty good although not one of Rollins greatest.

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