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Survivor Episode 5

October 17th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

So Sugar joined the Fang tribe after Jacquie was voted out.  She definitely didn’t seem to try very hard to mask her disappointment that Kelly was still there.

The next day Bob checks teh nets and finds among the fish a little electric fish.  I love that after he tells everyone that everyone else has to try and get shocked. Umm…is that like sticking a finger into a light socket to get shocked for fun?  Randy is enjoying being on the Kota tribe and have rice to eat and is already scheming how to keep the old Fang tribe members around.

There was some excitement at the Fang camp.  Matty was out walking and sees an elephant near their camp.  He brings the rest of hte tribe to check it out.  Talk about a crazy experience.  It would be so cool to see but they better hope it doesn’t decide to come check their camp out.  Matty and Ace are nut cases and decide to take their kayak out to get closer to the elephant.  Maybe it’s just me but it seems dumb to get that close to a wild elephant that weighs who knows how much.

At the reward challenge Kota is shocked that Jacquie was voted out.  Each tribe starts with a pile of fruit that they have to toss through a target where another tribe member catches it and tries to get it through a second net while two members from the other tribe try to knock down the pieces of fruit to keep them from going through the nets.  They win a little herb garden and whatever fruit they catch in the end.

Ace and Crystal are the goalies for Fang.  Bob and Charlie are the goalies for Kota.  Fang took an early lead.  Ace was doing a great job blocking Kota but finally Kota figures out to start throwing two fruits at a time so Ace can only block one fruit.

The winner is whoever has the heaviest basket of fruit at the end.   Fang has 16lbs 1 oz. Kota has 18lbs and wins reward and sends Sugar back to Exile Island.  Dan was kind of a jerk joking that it was just for comic relief to send Sugar to Exile for a 3rd time.  But in the end admits they keep sending her because they think if she finds the idol she will have to play it before the merge and they want the idol back in circulation.

After they return from reward challenge Dan tries to get all of Kota to join as the Evil Empire and stay together even after the merge.  Marcus points out that the next immunity challenge is the most important to win and he has his doubts about the 7 new Kota members will stick together after the merge.

Sugar gets to exile and is actually enjoying it because she already has immunity idol and is enjoying all the food and comfort at exile island.  So like she says the joke is on everyone else.

Ohhhh…looks like Crystal and GC are going to get into it.  GC is such a whiny butthead.  Ace is practically sitting back and cackling over the discord.  GC is talking about wanting to get back to his real life because he thinks the game is changing him and not for the better.

Matty starts expressing doubt that their tribe has any chance at immunity challenge.  GC takes off on his own in the kayak.  I guess to ponder the game.  The tribe is getting ready to leave for immunity challenge and can’t find GC.  Crystal gets fed up with GC’s temper tantrums and refuses to go searching for GC.  Kelly tells GC that they were about to leave without him and he says “That would have been cool with me.”  Geez, what’s his problem?  Did he think Survivor was going to be a picnic?

Immunity challenge: One member from each tribe will throw a ball down a cliff through a series of obstacles while another member from the other tribe will be blind folded and try to block the ball using a shield from getting into a set of goals.  There are several goals with different point values, 1-5.  The tribe with the most points after 5 rounds win.

Ace is defender for Fang and caller to guid the defender is Sugar.  Dan is the defender for Kota and Randy is the caller.  First round Kota scores 2 and Fang scores 5.  Second round Kota scores 2 but Fang gets blocked.  Third round Fang scores 2 and Dan blocks his own ball.  Fourth round Kota scores 2 and Fang gets blocked.  Ace takes a shield to the face and is down temporarily.  Last round Dan blocks Fang and Randy tricks Ace into stopping and not blocking Kotas ball.  Sugar was horrible as a caller.  She stands there and covers her mouth while Randy is tricking Ace.  What the heck.  She’s too busy cringing to call out to Ace directions on where to move.  Kota wins immunity.

This tribal will be tricky.  Do they somehow try to split their votes to get Sugar to use the immunity idol and still get Ace or Sugar out?  Uh oh, sounds like GC is saying he’s ready to leave the game.  Matty is trying to talk him out of it.  Crystal is refusing to beg him to stay.  She says she can’t stand quitters and she will go ahead and vote him out.  Ken tells Kelly to vote for GC and Ace tells Sugar to vote for GC.  So looks like he’s the one going.

Crystal goes sneaking in Sugar’s bag and finds the immunity idol.  So now they are debating blind siding Sugar even though they don’t want GC around any more.  So now it seems to be a toss up.  Who do they get rid of?  Seems like to me the smart move would be to get rid of Sugar this week and GC next but this isn’t the brightest tribe.

Sugar starts crying at tribal council when GC talks about how he’s ready to go home.  Geez, Crystal is smirking.  I wonder if that means she wants to vote Sugar out.  Huh, I wonder if Sugar knows they went through her bag.  She says she leaves it out for whoever wants to search through it.   GC votes for Kelly and Sugar of course for GC.  Now who will everyone else vote for?

Sugar chooses not to use the idol.  This tribe are full of idiots.  They vote out GC instead of Sugar.  You know after this no one else is likely to ask to go home and Sugar will be on the watch if she needs to play the idol.  Can I just say dumb, dumb, dumb.

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