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Amazing Race 10/19

October 20th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Kelly and Christy confronted Starr about asking Aja and Ty to u-turn them.  Starr says she tried to mend things with them but Christy and Kelly are not having it.  You know the more I watch them the more those divorcees get on my nerves.

Ken and Tina leave first at 12:33 am to Auckland New Zealand where they drive to Gulf Harbor and untie a Gordean knot to retrieve their next clue.  Toni and Dallas leave at 12:59am.  Ken and Tina book a flight using the internet.  Did that Southern Belle just say she wonders if they like blondes in New Zealand?  Does she think blondes only exist in the US or blondes only have more fun in the US?

Huh, looks like Andrew and Dan (Frat boys) are having some friction.  Looks like everyone is at the airport.  The frat boys and Sarah and Terrence both ask people in the airport if they can borrow their laptops to connect to the internet.  The divorcees are snickering that being last they get to see what everyone else is checking and let them do “the dirty work” for them.  Aja and Ty are getting into an argument in the internet cafe.  Well, at least in the side interview she seems to realize that she does get into “moods” that cause arguments.  Turns out everyone gets onto the same flight.

Terence and Sarah get out of the airport first.  Gosh, Terence is so needy.  He’s asking Sarah to give him some love and play with his hair as he drives.  Is he a girl stuck in a guys body?  Starr pulls over to get directions at a gas station.  Terence and Sarah make a wrong turn and get passed up.  Aja and Ty get a flat tire and get passed up by Toni and Dallas and Nick and Starr.  Aja manages to flag someone down to help them change their tire.

Ken and Tina find their knot first.   The Frat boys finish untying their knot first and the clue says to make their way to the Summit of Mount Eden.  There is also a fast forward.  The team has to go to the Auckland Sky Tower, the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere and climb to the top.  Ken and Tina decide to try the fast forward.  The frat boys decide to try for it too but Ken and Tina beat them to it.  Tina is talking about how she has a fear of heights so I’m impressed she’s doing this.

Road block:

One team member has to choose an image of a traditional tatoo and find the warrior with a tatoo that matches their image.  If they are wrong the warrior will take their image and they have to try again.  If they are right the warrior will give them their next clue.

Nick and Starr get along so well for a brother and sister that it seems almost freaky.  I’ve never met brothers and sisters that got along that well at that age.

Terence finds his warrior and the clue says to find the city life hotel in downtown Auckland and make their way to the top of the hotel and use binoculars to find a traveling gnome.  They need to retrieve it to get their next clue.  The divorcees can’t find the summit so decide to get out of their car and hike.  Dallas is so cute.  He’s like all I could think with my mom among all those warriors is not to eat my mom.

The southern belles finally get to the gordean knot and totally walk right past their knot.  Andrew and Dan drive by the divorcees and can’t figure out why they are walking.

LOL.  When that warrior wanted to bump noses with Andrew I swear he looked like he thought the guy was going to eat him or something.  Wow, Kelly and Christy matched their tatoo pattern quick!

Ken and Tina got the fast forward and were able to skip all other tasks and take a helicopter ride straight to the pit stop.  As the 1st place winners they win a 7 night trip to Rio De Janero.

The next clue box is at the land mark Kiwi 360.

Kelly and Christy are such whiners.  Instead of whining about how Starr and her brother found the gnome so quickly just keep looking with the binoculars.  Marisa and Brooke are still in last place.


Matter of time: teams drive themselves to a kiwi orchard and crush enough kiwis to make 12 quarts of juice and then each team member has to drink a glass.

Matter of Skill: they have to put together  a blo(?) kart and sail it around the track for 3 laps.

Terrence and Sara choose Matter of time as do Toni and Dallas.  It sounds pretty painful.  Dallas mentions it’s cutting up his feet pretty bad.  Sarah and Terrence are doing well but Toni and Dallas give up and decide to go to the other detour.

LOL.  When the frat boys tell Nick and Starr that there are rocks at the bottom of the bins Starr says “ouch there really are rocks in here”.  Duh!  Did you think he was just saying that?

Now teams make their way to Summerhill which is the next pit stop.

Nick and Starr quit matter of time and decide to go to the other detour.  Christy and Kelly seems to be enjoying matter of time.  The frat boys give up on matter of time.  Wow, Kelly and Christy are done.  Yay, Toni and Dallas are done!  Aja and Ty choose to do matter of time.

The instructor guy tells Nick and Starr not to put their arms out if they tip over but it looks like Starr is putting her arm out.  Uh oh.  They break to commercial right after Starr tips over and thinks she broke her arm but she wants to try and finish.  She looks like she’s user her arm so it can’t be broken right?  Ok, they finish and Starr drives?!  Why doesn’t Nick drive?  Oh, ok they switch.

Kelly and Christy finish in 3rd.  Wow, they did better than I expected.  Toni and dallas come in fourth!  Yay!  The Frat boys are having a hard time putting together the car thingie but finally finish.  Aja and Ty give up on the kiwi crushing and go to the other detour.  Andrew and Dan (frat boys) finish in 6th.  Wow, Aja and Ty have to the laps in the dark.  That would freak me out.  Both Aja and Ty and the southern belles finish and now it’s a race to see who gets to the pit stop first.  Ah, it’s Aja and Ty.  That’s cool.  The southern belles weren’t one of the teams I was rooting for and they are eliminated.  Oh, I think Phil just said the guy there welcoming the teams is his dad.  How cute!

Ohhh…can’t wait.  It looks like Terrence gets pulled over in next week’s episode and the divorcees get on Dallas’ nerves.

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