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America's Next Top Model Oct. 22

October 23rd, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Drama, drama, drama.  Elina and Marjorie are saying they are misunderstood because they are from Europe.  The other girls find this irritating and are totally bashing them by saying it shouldn’t matter.  I sort of agree that you need to get over it but I can see if you are brought up not supposed to show emotions (which is some culturals you are not supposed to) then it can be hard to over come a lifetime of upbringing even if you no longer live in that country.

The aswirl twins are back to teach the girls how to work with accessories.  McKey look pretty ridiculous wit her hat.  Marjorie was horrible.  They go to the challenge and someone walks out in this weird green outfit.  On a tv screen all you see is the clothes and not the person.  So the challenge is to model in the green suit so the audience only sees the clothing and not the girls face.  This should be interesting since you can’t see who is who on the tv screen.  The winner will be in a holiday story of the December/January issue of Seventeen magazine.

Elina was complaining about how she couldn’t breathe and felt claustriphoic.  Once the music started though she said she started to feel better.  Poor Marjorie’s dress fell down and she didn’t even know it until she went back stage and they told her.  Joslyn looked to me like she was doing a strip show as she took off her belt.

Yay!  Elina is the winner of the challenge.  She gets to choose two friends and she chooses Analeigh and Marjorie.  Samantha is such a brat.  She was all like it’s not fair…Elina doesn’t even like the holidays and I love Christmas.  Wah, wah.

Tyra mail..A well read model is always prompt.  Does this mean commercial?

Ohhh…Sheena decides to have it out with Elina over the whole coming from Europe thing.  And then she gets mad that Elina doesn’t like the holidays and she still did the holiday shoot.  Come on.  As a model I’m sure they will model things that they might now always enjoy but i doubt most of them would turn down a good job just because of that.

Sheena ticks me off when she says it’s like good vs. evil in the house.  She is such a drama queen.

The girls go to a house to do a commercial for Cover girl.  Whitney from last season is there.  The girls get a teleprompter but the challenge is not to make it sound like they are just reading something.  They need to make it sound real and believable.  Each girl gets 5 takes.

Ugh, Samantha needs to stop enunciating so obviously and keep her mouth closed a little more in my opinion although Jay seemed to like her.  Joslyn is sick and worried about how she will do.  Elina sounded so boring and dead.  McKey totally looked great although she had trouble with walking and talking.  Analeigh did great.  I could totally see myself watching her commercial on tv.  Uh oh.  Joslyn is starting to puke.  Marjorie looks like she’s about to cry in her commercial.  And…she’s crying.  That girl needs to go home.  I really don’t think she can handle the pressure of being a model.  Sheena seemed to do pretty good.  Joslyn was way overblown.

I think Marjorie is the one who will go home.  She keeps having the same problems of crying under pressure, her commercial looked horrible and her dress fell down a the competition.

Juding time.  The girls have to model in clogs!  Oh my gosh.  They looked hilarious.  Sheena actually rocked hers though.  Joslyn seemed to do ok.  Samantha was horrible!  She looked like she was about to keel over and in fact it sounded like she did once she went off the runway and behind the screen.

Tyra announced the remaining girls will be going to Amsterdam.

Funny, they judged Samantha saying she didn’t enunciate enough.  The shoot they show of Marjorie looked like she rushed through the whole thing.  LOL.  J said she looked like a chicken with her head ducking back and forth.  I loved Analeigh’s commercial!  Joslyn likes the winking.  Reminds me of Sarah Palin during the debate.  Elina’s commercial was ok but not great.  Nigel critiques her about looking down whenever she’s walking down a step.   Sheena’s commerical was ok.  Attitude came across in the commercial and the judges liked it.  The judges agreed with me that McKee looked great but her commercial wasn’t very good.

Haha…J talks about Sheena’s inky slink when she walks.  Ok, here comes Tyra’s schtick about how many photos she has in her hands.  Analeigh gets called first and represents that she had the best commercial.  Sheena comes in second.  You could tell Elina was pissed.  I think Elina and Marjorie will be in bottom two which would make Sheena and Samantha so happy.  Wow!  Marjorie gets called next.  Guess Elina is finally going home because McKee takes gorgeous pictures.  Huh…McKee gets called.   Oh duh, forgot about Joslyn.  So it’s Joslyn and Elina are in bottom two.  Wow, Sheena was totally going come on Joslyn, come on Joslyn but Elina gets to stay and go to Amsterdam.

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