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Stylista-what a bunch of characters

October 23rd, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Geez, the people on this show leave me speechless at times.  Dyshaun and Megan, man they are both total b*tches.  Kate needs to so get over herself and her boobs.  She’s totally wah, wah, wah they made me cover my boobs.  That’s not me.  At first I felt bad for Kate since Dyshaun and Megan kept picking on her but man she needs to go home.  A one year clothing allowance from H&M.  Wow, wow, nice.  Ok, granted I haven’t shopped there but a year’s clothing allowance?  I’m sure I could find something if Danielle (the big girl could).  I gotta give credit to Danielle’s team for not outing Megan that it was her telling them the entire team was supposed to write 30 words total instead of 30 words per person.

Wow, it almost seems wrong that Megan gets to stay when she was the one that screwed them up.  Arnaldo ges sent home because his looks and style are just too boring and “safe”.  It’s too bad but he seemed like he was here mostly because he wanted to be a writer of any type rather than because he was into fashion.  Oh well.

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