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Survivor Gabon 10/23/08

October 24th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Everyone seemed pretty subdued returning from tribal council.  On the off camera interview Ace is pondering who he should try to woo into his favor as his “benedict arnold” to help him and sugar make it to the merge.  Huh, Matty mentioned his girlfriend and daughter are his driving force if I heard correctly.  He tries to make a ring to help remind himself to stay strong for her.

Ace and Matty go off for a powwow about strategy.  Matty tells him he wants to keep Kenny and Ace says he wants to keep Sugar and they make a deal.  Matty swears on his girlfriend and Ace on his mother.  So we will see what happens.  Matty said he will not break his pact which I can believe but I think Ace would turn on Matty in a heart beat if needed.

On the Kota tribe…they are eating pretty well but Bob is talking about how much Dan is eating way more than everyone else.  Corrinne is talking about how quickly they are going through the food at an alarming rate so it sounds like he’s not making any friends.

On Fang they are trying to figure out if they can make their rice last.  It’s pretty pathetic.  Kenny estimates they have enough left for about 6 days.  Ace tells Sugar that he thinks the tribe knows she has the idol and Sugar is talking about giving it to Sugar because she wouldn’t play it.  That makes no sense to me.  So she gives it to Ace.  I don’t understand.  you would think if they think Sugar has it then they would split their votes between Ace and Sugar to get the idol out.  So she will get voted out.

Reward Challenge:

Randy shows how happy he is GC is gone.  For reward each tribe will be tethered to a 20 foot long, 200lb snake.  They will start on opposite sides of a course and try to catch the other tribe.  If at any time someone gets tired they can disconnect from the snake although that makes the rest have to carry that much more.  They are playing for croissants, fruit and coffee plus send someone from the other tribe to Exile.  Corrinne sits out for the Kota team.

Fang starts off well.  Bob and Susie look like they are struggling.  Kelly starts to fade and Kota starts to catch up.  Kelly is such a weak link and needs to go.   Fang is doing so bad.  Kenny and Sugar both drop out and Fang picks up the pace.  Kelly drops out.  Susie drops out from Kota.  Crystal starts to drag but Matty is trying to push them on.  Crystal drops out.  Fang is really struggling.  Kota is almost there and Ace gets tagged.  I was shocked Bob managed to stay in til the end.  Poor Fang.  They watch Kota dig into the platter of food.  After the competition Jeff asks Crystal how it feels to lose again and she is in tears.  Sugar gets sent again to Exile Island.  That makes 4 times.  Randy gloats about how he loves winning challenges and even more he likes watching Fang lose.  Crystal talks about how much she hates Randy.

When Kota gets back to camp they start talking about how to split the pastries.  Corrinne talks about how they wouldn’t have to ration if it weren’t for Dan.  Dan’s really starting to tick off tribe members and Randy talks about having to distance himself from Dan.

Switch to Sugar and she is crying because she gets to go back to Exile and eat all this fruit and enjoy luxury while the rest of her tribe is almost starving.  She says she feels guilty.

Back at Fang Matty is trying to get people motivated to get chores done and Crystal is totally down on why should they even bother trying.  Ace and Kelly go off talking about how they think Crystal is going the way of GC and is breaking down.  Crystal realizes how people might be viewing her so Crystal goes after Kelly and Ace.  Then she starts to moan and groan about how Kelly and Ace have had more food then her and they shouldn’t see her tears as a sign of weakness.

Randy, Marcus and Bob catch a turtle.  They are eating well.

Immunity challenge:

Sugar returns.  Each tribe divides into 3 pairs and each pair tethered together by rope.  The first pair goes out on an obstacle course and retrives a pair of flag poles.  The next pair goes out and another obstacle is added to the course and so on until they bring back 3 pairs.

Sugar and Kelly start off well but they lose their lead and are failing fast.   Randy and Bob beat them.  Corrinne and Charle get a huge lead on Crystal and Ace.  Corrinne and Charlie get their set first.  Crystal and Ace make up some time but Kota still have a pretty big lead.  Dan and Marcus are out for Kota.  Kenny and Matty are out pretty close.  Poor Kenny is kind of getting dragged behind.  Oh and they take the lead!  They go over one of the obstacles instead of through.    Oh but Kota caught back up.   Fang with a small lead.  Kenny’s fading.  Kota seems to be moving fast on the knots of their flag poles.  Ace is telling everyone to get out of his way and doesn’t want the other members to help.  Kota is working fast on getting their flag pole together and they win again.  Ace should have let the rest of the tribe help.

Kelly should go but sounds like Crystal wants Ace out.  Matty talks to Ace about forcing Sugar to play the idol.  Ace convinces him not to worry about it without telling him he has the idol now.  So the two of them agree to vote out Kelly.  Crystal is talking about blindsiding Sugar to Matty.  Matty is trying to convince Crystal to vote against Kelly.  Crystal is worried about the Ace/Sugar alliance.  Kenny and Crystal are discussing how they don’t trust Ace.  Now Kenny goes to Matty and talks about getting rid of Ace.  Matty doesn’t want to go back on his words but Kenny doesn’t trust Ace.  Kenny goes to Sugar and talks about how the innocent people get voted out.  Sugar tells Kenny that she gave the idol to Ace.  Sugar takes the idol back and goes to Ace for reassurance that she doesn’t need to use it.  I wonder if she will turn on Ace.  I doubt it but Kenny is such a trustable, sweet looking guy so he might have convinced her to turn on Ace.

Tribal council:

It comes out that it seems to be their problem is they don’t work together.  They all work as individuals.  Ace owns up that some of the fault at the immunity challenge belongs to him.  Kelly says that she takes Crystal’s crying as a sign of her being unstable.  Crystal goes off on her because she doesn’t think Kelly understands how it is to be on a losing tribe from the beginning.  Then Kelly turns on Ace and he bashes Kelly.

The Vote:

Ace votes for Kelly.  Surprise, surprise.    They don’t show any of the other votes other than Crystal saying “forget you, go home”.  First vote-Kelly, Crystal, Kelly, Kelly and the tribe has spoken.  Kelly goes home.  Ace chuckles.  Thank goodness Kelly is gone.

Hmm…next week both tribes vote someone out.  That should be interesting.

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