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Amazing Race 10/26

October 27th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

My daughter was still awake so I missed the beginning of the episode but I know their next destination is Cambodia.  Sarah and Terence just got pulled over for speeding and got a ticket.  Tina and Ken are hoping that Sarah and Terence do not make it onto their flight.  Sarah and Terence get to the same ticketing desk that Tina and Ken used and are trying to get on the same flight but the woman said it’s probably closed by now.  The agent is calling and they are in luck, it’s not closed yet.  Now they need to see if there are open spots.  Now it’s a mad dash to see if they can make it to the check in desk.  Terence yet again is complaining about Sarah out running him.  Shut up you whining baby!

The divorcees get on the next flight.  The divorcees make some snide remark about Dallas’ hair reminding them of Teen Wolf.  Man, talk about catty.  Nick and Starr, Kelly & Christy and Dallas & Toni are on the same flight.  The frat boys are begging to get on since check in is closed.  And they were denied.  They go to te Emerirates desk directly and ask agian if they can get on and they are in luck and are allowed on the flight.  So it looks like Aja and Ty are the only team that is left behind.

All the teams except Aja and Ty catch up at the connection.   Aja and Ty finally get in and Aja is complaining how she always has to beg for a kiss.

Siem Reap, Cambodia-Nick and Starr get the first taxi out.  Toni and Dallas are second out.  The divorcees get a taxi and are so rude to the driver.  Doh, Toni and Dallas are taken to the wrong location.  The divorcees also go to the wrong destination.  Nick and Starr get there first and have to fuel a truck with 25 liters of diesel fuel using a hand crank.  They make quick work and next have to go in the truck to Siem Reap Harbor, SE Asia’s largest lake.  Dallas and Toni show up just as Nick and Starr take off.

Tina & Ken, Sarah & Terence and the frat boys all show up next.  The frat boys can’t figure out how to get the fuel to come out.  LOL.  Dallas and Toni finish while the frat boys are still struggling.  Oh, here are the divorcees finally.  I think the frat boys might not have closed off their valve or opened their valve?  Ken and Tina finish next and then Sarah and Terence.

Aja and Ty finally show up.  Kelly & Cristy finish up while the frat boys are still trying to figure it out.  Ah, the frat boys finally got it working.  It turned out they weren’t pumping hard enough to prime the pump.  Sarah and Terence just passed Ken & Tina and Dallas and Toni in the trucks.  Ken & Tina just passed Toni and Dallas as well.  The frat boys just finished.  Aja and Ty get to the fuel pump.

Starr thinks they are lost and makes their driver stop.  Terence and Sarah and pass them as they are stopped for directions.  Oh and now they are in fourth place as the other teams pass them.  They are all on their way to Kho Andeth in boats.  It’s funny watching all these passes going on.  Really got a race going.

Uh oh, Sarah and Terence’s boat breaks down.  Guess they shouldn’t have encouraged the guy to go so fast.  Terence is pushing the boat along wtih a stick.  They start getting passed up too.  I think Sara is about to break down and Terence sounds like he is in tears when he yells at Sarah to tell him how much farther they have to go.


Village Life or Village Work

Village Life: use the boat to pick up 3 items.  A set of teeth from dentist, a doll from tailor and a basketball from a floating court where they have to make one basket.

Village Work: have to go to a fishing grounds and deliver two traps and unload the fish.

Nick and Starr choose work as do Dallas and Toni.  Ken and Tina do Village Life.  Sarah and Terence’s boat is still broken.  LOL.  Dallas is nervous about being in the water and talking about snakes.  Sarah and Terence’s boat says maybe 10 minutes to fix the boat.  And they are finally back in business.   Nick and Starr have their first trap and Ken and Tina got the teeth from teh dentist.    Dallas and Toni get one trap but there was no fish in it so they had to find another one.  Sarah and Terence do the life detour.  Nick and Starr are done while Ken and Tina are still trying to make a basket.  The divorcees are such idiots.  They didn’t even find the clue box and they started trying to make their basket just because they saw the other teams.  So the frat boys catch up.

Next clue: Make your way to Angkor Wat via a tuktuk (sp?).  Ken and Tina finish second and Dallas and Toni finished 3rd.  Sarah and Terence are in fourth.  LOL.  The divorcees thought they were taking the teeth of woman having a tooth pulled and then they see the teeth they need.

Road block: one person has to search the temple for a small room the chamber of echoes.  Once there they have to stand in one spot and thump their chest to make the sound echo through the chamber.

The divorcees beat Dan and Andrew(frat boys).  Nick is at the road block, Dallas, Tina and Terence are all doing it.  Nick finds someone to guide him and Dallas gets direction.  Wow, Nick finished fast.  The pit stop is Bayon Temple.  Haha…Nick fools Tina into thinking he is still searching instead of coming from the room.  Dallas finds it and finishes.  Terence gets someone to guide him and finishes.  Tina keeps walking in and out of the room not even realizing she was in the room.  Tina finally gets it.  The divorcee was about to run through the room but luckily the guide told her to stop.

Nick and Starr check in first and win a trip for two to St. John, 5 nights in a 3 bd room ocean view suite among other things. 

Leave it to Andrew and Dan to make a comment about Angkor Wat being the original playboy mansion.  Dallas and Toni finish second and Sarah and Terence finish 3rd.  The frat boy was smart.  He found a monk to show him the way.   Tina and Ken finish 4th.  Dang it, the divorcees finish in 5th.   Now it comes down to the frat boys and Aja and Ty.  The frat boys get lost but manage to find the check in and come in 6th.  So Aja and Ty are last and are eliminated.

Oh, they just said because Sarah and Terence were stopped for speeding they will have a 30 minute penalty in the next round.

Well, Toni and Dallas are doing much better than I expected but I am still irked that the divorcees are around.

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