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Ugh…creepy people on Bart

October 28th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I’ve been taking public transit to work for awhile now and I have to say Caltrain was so much nicer than Bart but since I live in the East Bay now it’s just easier to take Bart.  Normally as long as it’s not 100+ degree weather and you are not stuck in between stations when it breaks down it’s not too bad.  But man today had all the characters out.  First there was the guy carrying a hand held radio with no head phones.  So I had to listen to him changing stations constantly and the static when he wasn’t on a station.  And it wasn’t like he had the volume turned down.  I was hearing him from about 4-5 rows away.

Then I get a creepy guy who sat next to me and under his jacket he kept stroking my leg!  Ugh.  I kept trying to shift away and then he kept trying to talk to me.  I tried to ignore him but finally got up and what does he do?  He gets up and stands behind me.  Man, did I bolt out of that car quickly when we reached my stop.  Luckily with the crush of people who get off at my stop we got separated.  Hopefully the ride home goes better.  The person I normally ride with is off of work today so hopefully no creeps on the ride home.

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  1. Jenn

    I think your problem is that you have a friendly face that make people want to talk to you–I don’t suffer from that problem. It might also be that my ipod, now iphone, is permanently attached to my head so I suppose I could ignore anyone who even tired to speak to me. I have, however, noticed the huge differences between the trains within the city and those running out to the suburbs. Trains within the city that I ride now are much louder, dirtier, and more likely to contain unwashed individuals. You also see strange things every day–the skizoid lady who is “preaching”, the panhandlers and even some little monsters on their way to school. I nearly always have to stand on the city trains whereas I always had a seat on the burb trains, but the trade off is that the rides are always much much shorter than my hr long rides before so I’ll take it. Hope your trip home was less creepy!

  2. dsuzuki

    Hmmm…well, over here I definitely notice the Bart is uckier than Caltrain. It smells more and I guess if there are crazy people on Caltrain they are less noticeable since the seat backs are higher. Unfortunately I have to suffer through a 1 hour ride. And I don’t care if I have a friendly face. It makes me want to smack anyone who strokes my leg. And hello? I was reading a book so darn people just leave me alone! Yes, the ride home was much more pleasant thank goodness.

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