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Living Dead In Dallas by Charlaine Harris

October 29th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I give this one a 3.5 stars out of 5.

This is the second Southern Vampire book.  Sookie is together with Bill and has been “loaned” out by Eric to the Dallas nest of vampires to find out who kidnapped one of their “brother” vampires.  There is also the mystery of who killed the gay cook, Lafayette, from Merlotte’s.

I enjoyed this one more than the first book.  I guess because Sookie doesn’t seem as pathetic and I liked the humor through out the book.  I actually laughed out loud when I read about Eric in a pink leotard.  I could only imagine what this big Viking looking vampire would look like in any leotard much less a pink leotard.

Stop here unless you want spoilers…

So Sookie finds out that one of the Dallas vampire’s lover is a traitor who is working for the vampire haters.  They kidnapped the vampire to force him to face the dawn to show it’s “congregation” of what happens to these souless creatures.  Sookie also finds a fellow telepath, Barry the bellhop, working at the vampire hotel she and Bill are staying at in Dallas.  Lucky for her because while doing some under cover work she gets taken captive and was going to be tied to the burning vampire at dawn.  She manages to contact Barry to pass a message to Bill that she is in trouble.  With the help of a rogue vampire who is ready to commit suicide and a shape changer who infiltrated the group help her to escape.  In the end she tells the Dallas vampires where their brother is being held and rescue him.

Upon Sookie and Bill’s return home Sookie again has to do some detective work to find out who killed Lafayette.  She ends up having to attend an orgy with Eric as an escort because Bill is out of town.  This was an interesting development as Eric is still trying to lure her from Bill.

In the end Bill finds out Portia and Andy Bellfleur(sp?) are his great-great-great grandkids.

Overall a fun, quick read.

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