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America's Next Top Model Oct. 29

October 30th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

The girls start packing for their trip to Amsterdam.  Elina is still reeling that she was in the bottom two and is getting tired that everyone keeps commenting that she needs to let go of the control.

A woman meets them at the airport in Amsterdam and turns out to be the host of Holland’s America’s Next Top Model.  They are given a task to get around the city in pairs and find their house.  McKey and Sheena, Elina and Samantha, and Marjorie and Analeigh pair up.  The winners get to share 50 extra frames.  Elina starts running barefoot and get on a train.  Analeigh and Marjorie gets tickets but miss their train.  Task 2 is to find a phone to get their next set of directions.  Sheena and Elina are in first at the phones.  When they get to the next location Elina and Samantha are in a race with mcKee and Sheena.  Elina is complaining about not being able to run in her sandals.  Next task is to call for directions to the house.  Looks like….Elina and Samantha get there first.  Marjorie and Analeigh finish in second.

Their new house is pretty cool looking.  Samantha talked about how weird it was working with Elina but she thought they sort of bonded.  They get these hats with little braids.  Sheena and McKee show up a very “distant third” the show’s words not mine.  Tyra mail: People used to come to play but fashion makes it hot today.

Elina, Marjorie and Analeigh all get naked in the tub together.  Sheena and McKee are getting fed up with the noise they are making.

The next day Elina talks about wanting to live there permanently saying how the house feels like home.  McKee starts getting annoyed about Elina saying how much it feels Russia.  She says if she wants to stay there so badly she should try for Holland’s Next Top Model.

Elina is talking about how prostitution is legal in Holland and if a woman wants to do that then it’s fine with her.  Ms. J is there with a designer and they will break the girls into pairs and have to model different designers clothes in windows in the red light district where prostitutes usually sell themselves.  Analeigh and Elina are paired, Samantha and McKee and Marjorie and Sheena.  He doesn’t say what the prize is but that it is really worth it.

Analeigh and Elina are modeling dresses that can turn into jackets which is kind of weird.  It’s so they can wear them and wear them on bicycles.  Marjorie and Sheena get a funky designer and go crazy with their makeup to match.  Analeigh keeps getting caught on the decorations but Elina is doing a good job.  McKee and Samantha were told to act like dolls.  They worked well together.  Sheena and Marjorie went wild.  Marjorie got good props for her poses and movement.  They said Sheena was too feminine for the clothes.

The winners will get to the Red Light Fashion Show.  Ms. J said Sam did a little better than McKee.  Of course Elina did better than Analeigh and Marjorie did better than Sheena.  Sam and McKee are chosen as the winners.  It’s too bad that both Marjorie and Elina were dragged down by their other halves.

Tyra Mail: I know you have just arrived but your voage to become America’s Next Top Model continues tomorrow.  Samantha is talking about how uncomfortable she felt with other women checking her out in the windows and Elina is like she shouldn’t feel like there was anything wrong with it.  So now they are at odds again.

The next day they go to the waterfront for their photo shoot.  The girls are going to be wear mid-century dresses with a modern twist and pose on the boats.  LOL.  They are laughing about Sam’s crazy hair and she says that is why she was wearing the beanie.  Of course the hair stylist gives her the disguested look.

McKey goes first.  I didn’t realize she has never been called first until she complains about it and says how she needs to rock the shoot.  She does really well and Jay says it was great because she got creative.  Sam is up next.  Sam doesn’t look as good in the beginning.  Sheena is talking to Jay and sounds a little drunk to me.  She’s looking a little hoochy.  Jay even says she manages to find the most lewd poses.  She looks like she’s posing for some men’s magazine instead of high fashion.  Elina is next and still not looking like she’s letting go.  She’s talking about really focused and maybe that’s her problem.  She needs to relax.  Jay was complaining about how Elina wasn’t listening to him.  Elina finally hears him and tells him she was so focused she didn’t hear him.  McKey is talking about how she thinks Elina is ugly from the inside out.  I don’t know what they are not showing but I understand what they hate some much about her.  Granted she’s opinionated and her complaining about not growing up in the US gets on my nerves but Sheena seems more irritating to me.  Analeigh is looking good at her shoot.  Marjorie actually does a good job and deals well with Jay’s advice without losing it.

Tyra Mail: Tomorrow you will meet with the judges.  Only 5 will continue on to try and become America’s Next Top Model.  Sheena thinks she is doing well but she’s still worried.  Elina talks about she had a dream that she and Sheena were crying.  I think she means in the bottom two.

I think Elina and Sheena should be in the bottom two from what they show.  But at judging they always show these awesome pictures that you don’t really see during the shoot so who knows.  Guess they just want to keep you guessing.

Woah, what’s up with McKey’s outfit at judging?  She looks like she’s ready to rumble with that chain vest.  Elina is up for judging first.  Nigel says it’s one of the most high fashion pose he’s ever seen.  Paulina doesn’t like her hands.  Tyra said she looked stiff in her film.  She brings up that she ignored Jay’s direction.

Sheena is next and gets ragged on her outfit again.  They don’t really like her posing though.  Analeigh is next.  They love her pose.  McKey is next and Tyra says she looks like a warrior in a fashion show.  Huh, Nigel knd of likes her outfit too. Guess I’m just not fashionable :)  McKey had a great picture.  Marjorie had a great shot too.  But the Holland judge says in the picture she looks fierce but in person she looks so shy and like she doesn’t want to be here.  Samantha is next and Tyra says she looks like she’s about to go on a job interview.  Ms. Jay takes his pants off to give to Sam because he said they need to do something with her outfit.  They really like her picture but I thought Analeigh and McKey had better ones.

I think Elina and Sheena belong in the bottom two from their pictures.

Paulina said she doesn’t like Elina’s picture but likes Elina and Nigel is the opposite and says he doesn’t like Elina but likes her picture.  They seem to agree that Analeigh looks great.  They seem mixed on Marjorie and Sam.

McKey gets called first.  I’m a little surprised it was her and not Analeigh.  Analeigh gets runner up though.  Marjorie gets called next.  Samantha is called next and as expected and as Elina dreamed it is Sheena and Elina in the bottom two.  Tyra talks to Elina that her control is turning into stiffness.  For Sheena Tyra says her photos are ok but others not so good and is totally opposite from Elina.  And….Elina gets to stay.  I’m not surprised but I don’t think she can overcome her who control issue.  I think it’s going to come down to McKey and Analeigh in the final two.

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