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Survivor Oct. 30

October 31st, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I missed the first few minutes but for some reason Matty and Ace are picking on Crystal or Crystal picked a fight with them.

Kota tribe: Dan is talking about how tight Charlie, Marcus and Corrinne are.  He actually takes Corrinne and Charlie aside and tells them he feels uncomfortable when he’s not a part of the group.  What a baby!  He’s like wah why are you guys not my friends.

Reward Challenge:

They are playing a game of take away.  Three members from each tribe are on their courtt and will be tossing a breakable ball back and forth while a member of the opposite tribe will try to be breaking that ball.  They will be playing on two courts.  The winning tribe gets everything for an afternoon picnic-cheese, drinks, bread, etc and sends a member of the losing tribe to Exile Island.  They are playing to three points.

Kota scores first point.  Randy is being a jerk like usual.  Sugar is pretty pathetic as an attacker and Kota scores their second point.   Next round, Sugar misses a toss and Kota wins reward.  Kota is probably going to send Sugar again to Exile and yup, there she goes for the 5th time in a row.  Matty talks about how worthless Sugar is during competitions.  He’s very bitter although I can’t really blame him.  They have lost how many competitions in a row and he’s had pretty pathetic people on his tribe.  GC, Crystal, Kelly, Sugar.

Kota is flying in a helicopter and seeing some amazing sites on their way to the picnic spot.  It’s amazing!  They are on a cliff side picnicing.  Susie is lucky she ended up on this tribe.  She’s not much use during competitions but they have enough strong people to carry her weight.

Back at the Fang tribe Matty is going off on how useless Sugar is and how she needs to go.  No one else really says anything but Ace is getting nervous.  Matty goes off with Ace and talks about how everyone else can vote out Sugar and Ace doesn’t have to vote for her so he doesn’t betray her.  Ace convinces Matty they should vote for Crystal instead.  Back at camp Kenny and Crystal are talking about how they need to blind side Ace.

At the Kota picnic they get a delivery.  Letters from home!  Oh, the poor Fang tribe will cry when they hear this.  Wow, Bob is totally in tears and breaking down over his letter.  It’s funny, my husband pointed out how Bob has a bowtie made out of his buff.  Talk about note breaking away from the nerd mold.

Sugar is back at Exile Island.  Sugar is talking about how she only sticks with Ace because he’s the strongest player, not out of any sense of loyalty.

Immunity Challenge:

Sugar comes back in.  Jeff announces both tribes will be going to tribal tonight and voting someone out.  Today they are playing for individual immunity.  They are going to be on a log roll with two people.  Whoever stays on the longest wins immunity.  They may be on the log with someone from their own tribe or the other tribe.

First match, Dan vs. Ace.  Dan in the water first.  Tried to get too fancy on the foot work.

Second: Crystal vs. Charlie and Crystal in fast.

Marcus vs. Matty-Matty looks shaky and in he goes.

Randy vs. Susie-Susie in the water.

Sugar vs. Kenny-Eww..Kenny looks gross.  Super skinny and bugs bites every where. Kenny in the water seconds before Sugar.

Corrinne vs. Bob-Corrinne in the water first with almost no effort on Bob’s part.

Charlie vs. Ace-wow, Charlie looked like he had Ace but Charlie in the water first.

Randy vs. Marcus-Randy in the water first.

Sugar vs. Bob-oh, Bob slips and tries to hang on.  Wow, they both fall but Bob goes in first.

Final round: all three are on the log at the same time.  Ace in the middle, Sugar and Marcus on the ends.  They’re doing well.  Sugar looks unsteady.  She’s in the water.  Ace and Marcus still going.   And Ace in the water first!  Marcus wins individual immunity.

The twist: Marcus will now assign immunity to one member of the opposite tribe.  He gives it to Sugar.  He’s hoping that this will mean Ace, Matty or Crystal will go tonight.

Back at Fang tribe

They are speculating who will go from Kota.  Kenny is also talking about how he is going to try and get Sugar to vote with him and Crystal.  Kenny tells Sugar how Matty wanted to get rid of Sugar and Ace thinks Sugar is worthless and is only worth keeping the immunity idol.  Sounds like he’s lying through his teeth.  Sugar is talking about blind siding Ace but I don’t know if she’s bluffing Kenny or what.

Ace goes to Sugar and tells Sugar he needs the idol in case they back stab him.  Sugar tells him she has to think about it.  This makes Sugar think Kenny was telling the truth.  So now she seems really wishy washy.  I think she will keep Ace and get rid of Crystal.

Tribal council:

Oh, looks like what I missed was that Crystal accidentally knocked some rice over so she didn’t eat any.  Kenny said they probably had about 7 days left and after she picks it up they had maybe 5 1/2 days worth left.  I guess Crystal thought everyone was mad at her and Ace and Matty are playing it off like they understood it was a mistake and weren’t angry.  I think Crystal is being a baby.  Ace says they asked Crystal like 3 times to eat any way and Crystal was saying even though she refused they should have saved her some rice anyway if they really weren’t mad.  Stupid.  If she wanted to eat she should have ate.  Otheriwse, don’t bitch that they didn’t save her any.  Geez, talk about not being able to win the argument.


Crystal of course votes for Ace.  Matty votes for Crystal.  Jeff asks if anyone wants to play the hidden immunity idol and no one does.  So Sugar didn’t give it to Ace.   So now lets see if she voted for him or Crystal.  Of course we’re at a tie 2 for Crystal and 2 for Ace.  And Ace goes home!  Wow, I’m shocked Sugar went through with it.  If we’re at a merge then I think it was smart.  If they stay separate tribes then really dumb move.

Kota tribe: the preview of what’s coming up Susie makes a comment of how she was going to vote for Corrinne to Corrinne!  Ummm…stupid?  I gotta see what the context was that she would say something so dumb.

Back at Kota Dan is asking Marcus if he’s going tonight.  Marcus says he thinks it’s going to be Susie.  Eww…for some reason they showed this ugly larva looking thing covered in ants spewing mucus.

Marcus is talking about how Randy has replaced Bob in the final four with Charlie, Corrinne and Marcus.  They are discussing that they don’t feel they can trust Dan.  Charlie is talking off camera that Dan’s only hope is that Susie will blow up and lose it herself.  Corrinne is talking Susie about the fact that she trusts Susie more than Dan.  Then Susie stupidly says she would have voted Corrinne out if Corrinne hadn’t come to her.  She’s saying it’s because she felt Corrinne wasn’t working hard at camp.  So now Corrine is pissed and wants Susie gone tonight.  She’s talking to Randy and Randy agrees he wants Susie gone too.  So now they are back with Charlie and Marcus discussing it again.  They are worried that Dan has the immunity idol.  So Marcus is telling the camera at this point it isn’t who is the best asset but who is less risky and who will they be better off with.  Man, Susie should have just kept her mouth shut.

Tribal council:

Jeff asks Susie if she thinks she’s the weakest link in challenges.  She says no and he asks who does he think is weaker.  She stupidly again says Corrinne and claims she has more upper body strength.  Corrinne was classy and doesn’t get mad.  She just says she disagrees and can see how Susie has some skills but so does she.  Dan admits at tribal that he is a little bit of a worry wart and needs to relax.  Charlie says that his vote tonight is based on who he thinks he can trust the most going into a merge.  It’s a tough call who they will go with.  I thought for sure it would be Dan but Susie just can’t keep her mouth shut or some how just doesn’t think through what she’s saying.


Of course they show Susie voting for Dan and Dan for Susie.  Interestingly enough they show Marcus voting for Susie.  So unless their alliance splintered it should be Susie.  Still strange they would show that.  Are they trying to psych us out?  Will it be Dan?  Oh 3 votes Susie, 3 votes Dan.  And….Dan goes home.  So who were the other two votes for Susie?  Probably Corrinne is one.  And maybe Randy?  Oh, I get it.  They did that in case Dan had the hidden immunity idol.  So either way one of them went home.  Smart.

Looks like they merge in the next episode and Randy is gloating that he is king.

Ace says he’s disappointed in Sugar but he respects Matty.  Dan doesn’t strike out at anyone and is pretty pleasant.

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