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Amazing Race Nov. 2

November 3rd, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Nick and Starr will start off first at 11:22 pm.  Fly to Delhi, India.  When they land they will travel by taxi to find Moon light motors.  They will need to buy their tickets at a travel agency.  Nick is talking about how his relationship with Starr just keeps getting closer.

Toni and Dallas are leaving second.  Dallas is talking about how his mom likes Nick and Starr and how she knows there is some flirting going on there.  But it’s weird trying to flirt with Nick and his mom around.  Ken and Tina leave in 3rd.  Kelly and Christy leave in 4th.  Christy is talking about how if she were still married there is no way she would be on the Amazing Race.  Sarah and Terence leave in 5th and Andrew and Dan finish last.

LOL.  Dallas is talking about how his mom is the worst wingman around when it comes to flirting with Starr.   Tina is telling Ken to go sit in the corner and let her do the internet research.  What a you know what.

Everyone is heading to the airport and are all on the same flight so starting off even again.  LOL, in Delhi the divorcees can’t even figure out how to open the doors to get out of the airport.  Nick and Starr take off first.

LOL.  There is a cow walking on the road.  Everyone is talking about how crazy India is compared to Cambodia.  Tina and Ken’s cab driver is lost and asking for directions.  Ken is talking about how Tina needs to have a little more trust in him instead of having to always be right.

Starr and Nick arrive at Moonlight Motors first.

Road Block: one person has to help pain a rickshaw green after masking the yellow half with news paper to help show that the rickshaw is now a “green” vehicle.

The frat boys show up second.  The divorcees cab is lost.  Terence and Starr catch up with them.  Toni and Dallas get to the Moonlight Motors 3rd.  Nick is actually talking about how cute he finds the budding romance between Dallas and Starr is.  Kelly and Christy show up 4th.    Tina and Ken and Terence and Sarah are still lost.  Sara and Terence finally find it.  Ken and Tina are still trying to get directions.  Wow, the teams are pretty much all still putting newspaper up when Tina and Ken show up.  Starr finishes her taping first.

Terence is such a jerk.  He’s pressuring her to move faster and saying “well you said you could do this”.  Gosh, can Ken tape Tina’s mouth shut.  All she does is whine, whine, whine and try to micro-manage what Ken is doing.  Dallas is doing a great job of coaching his mom.  Not too over bearing but being helpful.  Terence also needs to just shut his mouth too.  Wow, Ken moved past Sarah and started painting first.

Starr runs out of paint so the frat boys finish first.  Now they have to make their way through the streets of Delhi for the Ambassador Hotel and find a bell man to give them their next clue.    Starr finishes second but it looks like they get a taxi before the frat boys.  Dallas and Toni finish third.  Ken finishes up 4th and their taxi driver was still waiting for them.  Wow, unless they edited the frat boys just got a taxi.  Terence keeps telling Sarah to go faster.  Ummmm…I would think she’s working as fast as she can dude.  Ugh, the divorcees finish up.  Although it’s really a toss up of who I dislike more.  The divorcees or Terence and Sarah.

Nick and Starr get to the hotel first.

Detour: Launder Money or Launder Clothes

Launder Money: teams go to a banquet hall and make a wedding necklace using 10 rupee notes to add up to 780.  Teams have to find ways to exchange their own cash for the right number of cash.

Launder clothes: teams go to a laundry shop and use a traditional charcoal iron to press 20 pieces of clothing.

That’s a toughee.  I’d go with the ironing.  Nick and Starr choose launder clothes and Toni and Dallas show up second and also choose launder clothes.  Andrew and Dan finally show up and then Kelly & Christy.  Both choose to do the laundry.  LOL.  One of the frat boys is complaining about it’s not fair the breaks the divorcees get being “two semi-attractive women”.

Sigh…Terence is whining about how they are in last.  Suck it up.  Ken and Tina decide to switch cab drivers.

Terence and Sarah decide to launder money.  Ken and Tina are now in last place and also choose to launder money.  Uh oh, Dallas and Toni’s cab driver is lost.  Kelly and Christy get to the laundry in second.    Dallas and Toni show up third.  Sounds like those irons handles are super hot.  Luckily Starr and Nick have their own gloves.  The other two teams are having a hard time holding the irons.  Andrew and Dan finally show up in fourth.  LOL.  The divorcees are making fun of the frat boys and then one of them burns their own hand.

Sarah and Terence get to the banquet hall first.  They need to get change for their necklace.  Tina and Ken get there second and are also trying to get change.  Wow, the divorcees are catching up quick at the ironing.  The frat boys are hilarious.  They’re like we’ve never ironed that’s my mom’s job.  Bet your mom is loving that!  Nick and Starr finish ironing first.

Baha’i House is the pit stop for this leg of the race.  Sarah and Terence get their change.  Haha and the guy that as the change asks Sarah for a kiss.  Nick and Starr check in first with a lady carrying a burning pot on her head!  They each win an electric car.

Dallas and toni are on 9 while the divorcees are on 18.  LOL and the frat boys are talking about ironing clothes is the lesser of two evils when compared to creating a necklace.  Ken and Tina finally get their change from a guy Tina kept trying to tell Ken didn’t have any change.  Kelly and Christy finish in 2nd.  Sarah and Terence finish their necklace and are looking for a groom and Dllas and Toni finish their ironing and head for the pit stop.  Ken and Tina finish and are looking for their groom.  Geez, those wedding banquets are crazy looking.  I would not want to be searching for someone in there.  The frat boys can’t get a break at the ironing.  A gust of wind came and blew all their clothes around.  They need to stop whining though.  Maybe this will teach them to try ironing their own clothes every once in awhile instead of making their mom do it.

Sarah and Terence find the groom first then Ken and Tina find them.  Terence is yelling at his taxi driver.  Talk about rude.  Dallas and Toni check in 3rd.  Ken is still trying to find a taxi and are getting chased by dogs.  Terence and Sarah check in 4th.  The frat boys finally finish ironing.  And I don’t get why Tina is trying to get her bag out of the taxi but Ken wants her to get in.  She finally gets back in and they are on their way again.  The frat boys check in 5th.  I hope this is not a non-elimination leg because Ken and Tina need to go home and get a divorce.

Ken and Tina arrive last.  Dang it, it’s a non-elimination leg of the race.  The bad news at some point in the next leg of the race they will get a speed bump, a task only they will have to complete.  Geez, Ken is acting like he still wants to be with Tina.  I don’t get it.  I guess there must be some nice side of her she just isn’t showing during the race.

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