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Latest installment of "Where's the Kindle"

November 3rd, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

So let’s see it’s now been a week since I ordered my Kindle and yes I did choose the super saving free shipping so yes I know the shipping is slower but come on!  I’ve had other super saver shipping things arrive in a few days so I know it’s possible.  And according to the tracking it was shipping from Richmond, CA and only going to San Francisco!

Anyway, on October 28 I get an email from Amazon that my package has shipped.  Yippy right?  Wrong.  So for days there is no update other than it left the seller facility on Oct. 28 at 1pm in Richmond, CA.

Finally I check yesterday and it updates that on Oct. 31 at 5:52pm there is an arrival scan in Richmond, CA.  I don’t know if it took the scenic tour around Richmond or decided to take a jaunt over to Sacramento, Berkeley, Oakland, etc.  Maybe even down to LA before returning to Richmond to be scanned.

So that’s the last I heard.  I’m hoping by some miracle maybe on Saturday is made it to SF and will be delivered?  The estimated delivery date was 11/3 so maybe they’re just aiming for an “on-time, on the nose” delivery?  We will see.  I can hope I have it for my ride home.

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