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It's here….I got my Kindle!

November 4th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

So it came about 20 minutes before I was leaving work so I wasn’t able to charge it for very long.  I downloaded a sample of the book Chosen and read it.  I was impressed that the screen was easy to read.  There were some glare issues between the lights on the Bart and the setting sun.  It wasn’t too bad though.  I only used it for about 20 minutes since I needed to set up some credit card info in order to buy a book.  I just downloaded a book tonight and will give it a try tomorrow.

The Kindle itself is pretty nifty.  I wish there was a Prev Page button on both sides like the Next page buttons.  You can’t use it while it’s in the cover they send because then it’s difficult to access the Prev page button.  It’s also a pain that the power and wireless switches are on the back if you are using the cover.  This was mostly from reading the user guide which had me using the previous and next buttons a lot.  It might not be so irritating when reading a book that would mostly have you using the next page button.  So far I haven’t had the problem I read about where you easily hit the next page button.  Can’t wait to try this out for longer.

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  1. Jenn

    Whoo-hoo! So did you play with it all last night? How do you like it? (me<–jealous)

  2. dsuzuki

    I didn’t get to play with it much last night between baby and O getting back after being gone for the past 3 days. I did read it on the train this morning and me likey. It’s much easier to handle when just reading a book. Definitely designed for right handed people I feel since I hold it in my left which is where the previous and next page buttons are. I think if you hold it in your right hand it might not be as convenient. I read it for about an hour and no problems unlike reading a computer screen.

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