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America's Next Top Model Nov. 4

November 6th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Wow, down to only 5 girls now.  The girls are riding in their van and Analeigh is talking about how the other girls don’t see her as competition.  Marjorie is saying she thinks elina is in the bottom two because she is not trying and is convinced she has everything right.

I still can’t get over McKey’s outfit.  It looks like she belongs in a bondage film or something.  They are back at the house and Marjorie is going through another semi-nervous breakdown.  Tyra mail: You have to be more than good looking to have first booking.  So it looks like the go sees are coming up.

The girls go to Touche Models.  They will be going on go sees!  They will be judged on their portfolio, runway walk, general appearance and personality.  Since Amsterdam is a water city each girl will have a boat and a map of how to find the designers.  They have to be back by 5pm otherwise they will be disqualified.

Mmmmm…Analeighs driver/sailor?  is yummy looking.  Elina is telling her guy not to let people pass her because she needs to be first.  4 hours left and counting.  Samantha is at her first designer.  Hmmm…I don’t think she looked that great in the swim suits and the designer said she probably wouldn’t book her.

McKey made a good first impression on her designer.  Marjorie is looking lost and wandering around aimlessly.  Samantha is also getting lost.  OMG, those street names would kill me.  They are like 30 letters long.  LOL.  Now Analeigh is going off about the street names.  Seems like everyone is having a hard time.

Analeigh makes a good impression at her first designer.  Elina gets to her designer and is sweating because she ran.  The designer was saying it’s bad to show up sweaty because now his clothes are sweaty.  He says he wouldn’t book Elina because she’s not a model,just playing at being a model.  Harsh.  I think Marjorie is about to break down.  She decides to skip location #1 and starts looking for designer #2.  Marjorie needs to go home.  She can’t handle the stress in my opinion.  She finally makes it to a designer and when she does her walk she kind of looks disgusted.  The designer tells her not to be so nervous.  Elina goes into the same designer as Marjorie.  She tells Elina she can’t work with Elina because of all her tatoos.  Elina is upset because she says she feels her tatoos are the way she expresses herself.  McKey does well at the designer that didn’t like the sweaty Elina.  McKey is so busy enjoying the scenery she says she forgets to check the time.

35 minutes and counting.  Elina is at the same designer as Analeigh.  Analeigh sits and watches Elina.  Not sure which girl they liked better.  Marjorie is at another designer and still looks way too nervous oh and there she goes again.  Crying.  She decides to go back to Touche.  Analeigh is next back.  Elina is back but can’t get out of her boat and almost loses a shoe as her driver drags her out.  Elina asks how many designers they saw.  Marjorie saw 2, Analeigh 3 and Elina made it to 4.  About 5 minutes left and Samantha gets back.  McKey is the only one missing.  2 minutes left.  The other girls are counting down hoping McKey doesn’t make it back since they know she is the major competition.   They are clapping and cheering that McKey didn’t make it back in time.

McKey got disqualified.  She is told the designers loved her and would have liked to work with her.  Samantha-they thought she was too commercial, not haut couture.  Elina-good runway model but too many tatoos for some clients.  Marjorie-looked very nervous and the designers were disappointed.  Analeigh-they loved her hair, thought she looked really fresh but maybe tried too hard to please the designers.  The prize is a collection from the designers worth over $18,000.   Analeigh wins!  I wonder if McKey didn’t get disqualified who would have won?

The girls get back to the house and check out all the clothes she got from each of the designers.  McKey is saying how she would have won if she hadn’t gotten disqualified.  Elina is griping that she doesn’t think Analeigh should have won.  She felt it should have gone to her or McKey.  Is she delusional?  It was obvious the designers didn’t care for her too much.  Maybe McKey but I don’t think Elina had a chance.

Tyra Mail: You’ve never been exposed like this before but you will be amazed after.  Will they ave to pose naked.  Marjorie goes upstairs to sulk.  Analeigh is trying to comfort her saying she looks great and she and McKey are the only ones never to have been in the bottom 2.  Marjorie is saying she doesn’t understand what other people see in her.  Analeigh is saying how Marjorie can’t bring this attitude to the shoot.

On the way to the shoot Samantha is talking about how she hopes it will be high fashion nude.  At the location Tyra shows up and tells them she will be doing the shoot.  The girls will be shot in two ways.  One clean with no make up and one with the full on make up.  Samantha is so relieved it’s not a nude body shot.  Marjorie is whining about the pressure of being shot by Tyra.  Their photos are going to be black and white.

Samantha goes first and looks like she does well.  Then she gets all made up.  Urr…I don’t care for the look they gave her.  Maybe it will look better in black and white.  They said she does well when she’s all made up and theatrical.

Marjorie goes next.  She’s shaking herself and trying to get some energy out.  Tyra is talking about how she wasn’t excited to shoot Marjorie and Jay is saying how Marjorie was nervous to be shot by Marjorie.  After the plain shot they trim her hair and make her up.  Tyra said she did a little better during her glamour shot.

Analeigh is up.  Tyra was saying she didn’t think Analeigh was a washed face girl.  She needs make up.

Elina.  Tyra is telling Elina she can’t model with her long nails.  She says Elina needs to trim them up.  Jay is telling Elina to relax and stop posing.  They are saying Elina would have a perfect shot but as soon as Tyra picks up the camera she gets posy and stiff.  Wow, they made her up crazy.  They are trying to get Elina to loosen up.

McKey is last.  Tyra is raving about McKey during her natural shoot.  They did a clockwork orange thing for her made up and made only one eye up crazy.

Tyra Mail telling them one will be going home.  Elina can’t wait to see her pictures the next day.  I think she just doesn’t get what the judges are telling her.  She says she feels good going into panel and that she is showing Tyra what she can do.  If that isn’t good enough all she can do is start pulling her hair out.  Honestly I don’t see much progress in Elina.  I liked her at the beginning but she just can’t loosen up.

I think Marjorie should be the one to go though just out of pity.  She might have a nervous break down if they keep her much longer.


You know if you just see Samantha not all made up I don’t see Top Model.  Blah, blah, blah..Tyra is doing her spiel about the judges and prizes.   Samantha is up first.  She went to 4 go sees and booked 2 jobs.  Samantha’s natural photo.  She looked great.  Nigel said this is his favorite shot so far period.  Tyra and Jay were talking about how she was great on set and made Tyra excited to shoot her.

Analeigh up next and booked 3 out of the 3 go sees she went on.  Nigel doesn’t care for her natural picture.  They rave about her made up photo.

Marjorie went on 2 go sees and she didn’t book either.  Her natural photo is her test shot an dshe looked tired and broken down.  Her glamour shot is fierce.  This is what I picture when they say fierce.

Elina up next.  They criticize the clotes she’s wearing.  Saying it is a bad take on Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  They make her take off the shirt that was under her jacket and she looks much better.  They said she booked 2 out of the 4 designers she saw.  They thought she came off as well spoken and smart but some didn’t like her tatoos.  They tell her how she kept tensing up when Tyra got ready to shoot.  They are talking about how when they say to go crazy and she doesn’t know what to do.  They are shocked when they realize she is only 18.  She looks like she could be 30 they said.

McKey is last.  She went to 4 go sees but got back late.  She booked all of them and would have been the go see winner if she were on time.   They like both her natural and made up shot.

I think Elina and Marjorie will be in bottom 2.  Not sure if they get more fed up with Elina’s ultra control or Marjorie’s lack of self confidence.

Nigel is saying how he wouldn’t book her because she looks like a nervous wreck.  They still can’t get over that Elina is 18 and isn’t acting like it.  She’s too controlled.

I think McKey will get called first.  Wow, Samantha actually gets called first.  McKey gets called second.  Ugh…again I don’t like her outfit.  Looks like a doll’s dress and is way too short.  Analeigh is called third and Marjorie and Elina are in bottom two like I expected.

Tyra says they both have so much potential but they both stand in their own way.  Comes down to Elina’s control and Marjorie’s nerves.  Marjorie gets to stay and Elina goes home.  Bye bye Elina.  Wow, Tyra’s arms are looking a little pudgy and that is coming from me which is saying a lot.

They are showing Elina’s pictures and you know I think she looked better before her makeover.  Oh well.  I think Marjorie is going home next week.

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