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Amazing Race Nov. 9

November 10th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Nick and Starr leave first at 8:55am.  They have to make their way through Delhi to an apartment complex and find it’s central park.  Man, how much gel or what does Nick use?  His hair doesn’t seem to move at all.  Ugh, Kelly & Christy leave second.  I so don’t like them.  I really hope Nick and Starr stay longer than the two of them.  Toni and Dallas leave third.  Huh, only 15 minutes after Nick and Starr.  Still amazined Toni and Dallas have stayed as long as they have.  Wow, Sarah and Terence are in a cab following a little scooter with a man, woman and child all on it.

Ugh, the divorcess are joking about if they had a choice which frat boy would they make out with.  Dan and Andrew take off and Ken and Tina are last.   Nick and Starr get to the apartments.

Road Block: one team member has to take part in a traditional Indian Holy Festival.  They have to make their way to one of 3 ladders while people are pelting each other with the dye and water.  They have to climb the laddres and find an envelope among hundreds to find one of only 6 that contain their next clue.  Starr decides to do it and Nick apologizes that she has to do it.

As Starr is on top the ladder and searching for the clue she is getting pelted by the paint.  Starr finds her clue.  It looked like she did it pretty fast.  Now they have to go to Old Delhi and find the Charity Birds Hospital.  They have to search through the cages and find their next clue.  LOL.  Nick was trying to help clean Starr of and a guy nails him in the face with the paint.

Dallas does the roadblock for his team.  I wonder if the people there are told to go hard on the teams.  The divorcees are comlaining about the smell as they drive along.  I’m kind of surprised the taxi drivers let them into their cabs again covered in this paint.

The divorcees get to the apartments.  Kelly does the roadblock and wow she is getting trashed.  She’s running around like a chicken wiht its head cut off.  She bolts back to Christy and asks for water.  She is covered in paint.  I don’t know if it’s because she’s trying to avoid the people that she’s getting pelted or if they are picking on her.  She finally gets to the ladder.  She grabs the wrong envelope and has to go back out.  Terence is going out there for his team.  LOL.  He’s like “whose my girl” and Sarah goes “you are.  Oh I mean I am”.  Yea, he is totally the girl in that relationship.

Man, Kelly gets the wrong envelope again.  I don’t think she’s even reading the envelopes to see if she gets the right one.  Terence finds theirs and is shoving people out of his way as he comes out.  Kind of rude.  The frat boys show up.  Kelly is such an idiot.  I don’t know if she’s getting flustered or just didn’t read their clue saying the correct envelope will say amazing race.

Geez, Terence is such a baby.  He’s saying how this was the most demanding challenge and how he got paint in his nose.  This challenge sucks but I wouldn’t say was all that physically demanding.  The frat boys get their clue while Kelly is still trying.  She gets the wrong envelope again!  Oh and she gets tripped and falls and bolts out again back to Christy saying she can’t do this.  She’s saying she will seriously die.  Christy is telling her for a million dollars she can do it.   Now they re-read the clue and Christy is telling her to look for the marked envelope.  Now Christy is getting pelted by people with paint too.  Kelly finally gets an envelope.   Geez, these girls are idiots.  You would think after the first few times messing up and not reading their clues they would smarten up.

Ken goes into the road block for their team.   No taxi will stop for the divorcees.  Tina is getting pelted with paint while waiting for Ken and she is pissed.    The divorcees finally get a taxi to stop.  The divorcees are complaining how none of the taxis would help them.  They should have been smart enough like the other teams and have their taxi wait for them.

At the hospital Nick and Starr see a speed bump for Ken and Tina.  They have to take their shoes off and Nick was saying he was getting a little nervous that he was walking in bird droppings.  They find their clue and it’s a detour.

They have to choose between two professions seen on the streets of India:

Bleary Eyed: have to make their way to the street corner and have to look at the power lines and find a number of tags with numbers and then take those numbers to a man with a sewing machines.  If the numbers are right the guy will send them to a guy with their next clue.  The tags are small and there are a ton of vendors with various numbers on their signs that can confuse them.

Teary Eyed: teams have to make their way to a spice market and carry two 40lb bags of dried chiles 1/4 mile to a place where they have to use a mortar and pestle to fille a bowl with chile powder.  The powder may burn them to deal with so it might be challenging.

Nick and Starr chose Bleary Eyed.  Toni and Dallas choose Bleary eyed too and they have a bunch of kids running with them and showing them the way to the power company.    Eeewww..Terence is trying to rince his nose out in the taxi.  They get to the hospital and Terence thinks the clue is in the seeds in the cages so he sends Sarah in to sift through the seeds.  They finally find the clue and they choose Teary eyed too.

Ken and Tina get to the hospital and their speed bump.  They need to go to a temple and do a common form of community service and serve holy water to the temple gatherers.  They need to serve water as long as people want the water.  The divorcees find the clue at the hospital and choose bleary eyed.

Ken and Starr find the power lines and finds a tag, “48”.  Dallas and Toni arrive.  Nick lies to Dallas and Toni that they have no clue what they are looking for.  Then they both find the “46” tag.  At that point Starr decides they should just work together.

The divorcees rickshaw driver is giving them a tour and pointing out all the sites.   OMG, Tina’s hair is like Incredible Hulk green.  Crazy, but she’s handling their speed bump pretty well.

Terence and Sarah are pounding the chiles but they keep choking and coughing on the powder.  Andrew and Dan (frat boys) get to the power lines.  Ken and Tina finish their speed bump and are on their way back to the hospital.  Geez, the divorcees get to the power lines and decide to keep riding the rickshaw and look for the numbers instead of walking.

Ken and Tina get stuck in traffic and Ken decide to get out of their cab to clear the way for their taxi.  Then they get back in.  Nick and Starr and Toni and Dallas find all their numbers and get their next clue.

Make their way to Humayun’s Tomb, their next pit stop.

Sarah is talking about how her nose and eyes are burning.  Now she’s complaining about how the shop owner wasn’t very generous about the quality of their work and the suffering they were going through.    Do, the divorcees start writing down the wrong numbers at the power lines.  Andrew and Dan go to the sewing machine guy and they don’t have the right numbers.

Nick and Starr and Dallas and Toni are trapped in a traffic jam.

Oh, the frat boys are writing down the wrong numbers too.  Ken and Tina might actually catch up.

LOL.  Nick adn Starr check in first and the guy who is helping Phil welcome the teams is watering the grounds so Phil has to call him over.  For checking in first they win a trip to Hawaii, snorkeling and a boat ride.  Phil comments on how colorful they look and I just noticed Nick is more colorful than Starr even though she did the road block.  Dallas and Toni are team 2.

Dan and Andrew turn in the wrong numbers again.  The divorcees are still in their rickshaw.  If I was looking for small numbers I’d get out and walk slow.  Ken and Tina get their and actually find the right numbers.  The divorcees turn in the wrong numbers too.  The frat boys ask if they want to work together but the divorcees say they worry they are playing for last so they don’t want to work together.

Sarah and Terence finally finish the peppers.  The divorcees turn in the wrong numbers again.  Ken and Tina are waiting to turn in their numbers and Christy tries to block their view of their numbers.  Tina is telling her don’t worry we have our own numbers.  Tina and Ken get their numbers right.  They are so excited they passed the frat boys and the divorcees.

I wonder how long it will take before the divorcees and frat boys give up and go do the chile peppers.  Kelly finally notices the little tags.  Darn it.  I don’t want them to hang around.  Ken and Tina run into the frat boys and actually show them what the tags should look like.  Now it’s a race to see which team finds all of them first.

The frat boys turn in their numbers first.  LOL.  The guy looks like “OMG, please have gotten it this time.”  And they got it!  Please let them beat Kelly and Christy.  The divorcees are turning in their numbers and get their clue.

Ken and Tina check in as team 4.  They worked amazingly well in this leg.  They didn’t show them arguing or acting ugly to the local people.  I don’t know if it was the editing or if they really did well.  The frat boys and divorcees are both stuck in traffic.  Ack, the suspense is killing me.  And it’s the frat boys!  Yay!  Haha…the watering guy is running over to check them in.  Please let this be an elimination leg.  Yes!  The divorcees are eliminated.  It’s about time.  I really hope they aren’t this bad when they are at home.

Looks like the next leg evens everyone up and they are in a race for the fast forward.  Looks like Andrew and Dan are getting into a fight with each other.

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