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Craft fairs in the bay area

November 11th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I’m from Hawaii and craft fairs are a big deal there.  They tend to be huge and a lot of people go to them.  My parents are here in the Bay Area for awhile and my mom has been so bummed out with the craft fairs we have checked out so far.  They have all been tiny and the same thing-yarn purses or scarfs, jewelry and pottery.  They rarely have anything new or different.  Back in Hawaii you had all sorts of crafts and usually each year there was something you have never seen before.  My mom is bemoaning the fact that the day after Thanksgiving kicks off the craft fair season back home and she is going to be missing all of them.

So I wonder if craft fairs are mostly just a Hawaii craze or if we just aren’t finding the good ones arounds here.

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