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Are you a rude person?

November 12th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I read an article about an Oprah quiz that said 80% of Americans think rudeness is a serious national problem but 99% of those people do not think they are rude themselves.  I started to think about that.  I definitely think people are ruder nowadays.

My friend jokes that I never forget about the one time I was carrying 4 pretty big boxes to send as care packages to our troops deployed abroad and as I was heading towards the post office this guy brushed past me really quick to get in the door before me and then let it slam in my face.  I don’t know if he was just in a hurry, wanted to make sure he got in line in front of me or what.  I mean it’s hard to miss me when I’m this 5’0″ girl with 4 huge boxes trying to open a door.

The other thing that gets me is when I ride the train and no one gives up their seat or pretends them don’t see the elderly man or woman or the pregnant woman standing next to their seat.  I mean come on.  Most of us have two perfectly good legs and could stand for a few stops.

Anyway, I know it’s easy to gripe about others so I wondered am I rude to others?  I try not to be but I think sometimes I unconsciously am.  Sometimes things pop out of my mom that 5 minutes later I realize could have come across as really rude but at that point what do you do?  Do you say “gee, I just realized what I said 5 minutes ago might have seemed rude?” or do you hope no one really took it that way or even noticed or walk away without saying anything and it be possible they are thinking gee that was rude of her.

So yes, I realized I have been guilty at one time or another of saying something rude to someone else, slamming the door in someone’s face because I was too busy to register them until afterwards, I admit purposely ignoring some of those people waiting outside Safeway asking for donations and sometimes miss something someone is saying to me because I’m emailing while talking on the phone.

I wonder if it’s because we always seem to be in a rush these days that we’re too busy and in too much of a hurry to be courteous to one another.

I know online it seems easier to be rude because you have that sense of anonymity and you really don’t get the visual clues that could indicate you are sounding rude.  I see this all on the time on a discussion board I’m on.  People start getting mad at each other over their postings and the person who wrote the original post often comes back saying “I didn’t mean for it to sound that way”.

What about you?  Do you think people are ruder these days?  Are you and not realizing it?  Are you and you mean to be :)

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