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America's Next Top Model Nov. 12

November 13th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

The girls are reflecting on the last elimination.  Marjorie is talking about how she needs to hold it together.

Tyra Post: a model who knows how to sell makes the most sense.  Marjorie and Analeigh are talking about Marjorie.  Analeigh says Tyra thinks Marjorie is a good model and Marjorie just needs to keep that in mind.  If I were Analeigh by this point I would have slapped her aside her head and say come on!

The next day they go to a building where Paulina is waiting for them.  Today she is going to show them some tricks on how to sell anything.  Analeigh goes first and is trying to sell dead fish.  McKey and Samantha look ridculous.  Analeigh and Marjorie look good.

Next is toilet paper.  Analeigh looks good.  Samantha still looks over done.  McKey is over playing it too.

Cell phone.  Sam and Marjorie not so good.  McKey and Analeigh did pretty good.

Paulina says McKey looks very modelish, Marjorie is very believable, Analeigh is a good actress but not aware of the camera and Sam was a clown who really got into it.

Tyra Mail: Your delivery had better be on the mark.  Thinking it’s commercial time.  McKey and Sam are talking about how badly they want to be in top 3.

Next day Marjorie is saying how she is trying to push away her self doubts.  The girls are auditioning for a 30 second commercial.  LOL.  The commercial will have so words and they will being kissing male super model Marc Vanderloo.  Mmmmm…yummy looking.  Samantha seems to be freaking out.  The winner will win a $10,000 shopping spree with GStar.  Don’t know what that is but they are excited.

So the girls are pretending to run on a treadmill and then have to kiss Marc.  Sam is first.  Marc looks shocked when she kisses him so I guess that worked well?  Paulina said it looked good.

Analeigh is next.  Oh, very flirty looking.  I liked her kiss better.  She said Marc’s lips were very soft and voluptuous and she liked doing that a lot.

McKey is up.  Hmmm…she was ok.

Marjorie is up.  This should be interesting to see if her nerves get the better of her.  She seems to be playing more of the nervous girl seeing a hottie rather than flirty.   She did the kiss like she was embarrassed to kiss him but still kind of cute.  They said it wasn’t what they were expecting but it was refreshing.

Paulina’s criticism.  She said Sam was a little overboard.  Analeigh was cute and sweet.  Marc liked her.  McKey was good at flirty but her kiss looked fake.  Marjorie was a little awkward and a little scary according to Paulina but she was very original.  The winner is….Marjorie!  Wow, I thought it was going to be Analeigh.  Marjorie gets to take someone with her and she chooses Analeigh.

They go to G-Star and Marjorie splits the money 50-50 with Analeigh.  Can you imagine getting an opportunity to just spend $5,000 on clothes and not worry about the bill?!  So lucky!

Tyra mail: Tomorrow you will be going Dutch but you’re gonna have to give 100%.  They are trying to figure out what it means but have no clue.   It turns out Marjorie has been wanting to call the guys that drove them around in those boats during the go-sees and actually invites them over.  The guys come over with food and alcohol.  Marjorie is the only drinker out of the four girls.  She said wine is her friend and she likes to drink.  I think she is close to being drunk.  Man some of these guys are hot!  Hmmm…they put high heel shoes on one guy.  He’s not so hot.  As they get drunker one guy dares Marjorie to kiss one of the guys for 10 seconds.  So she kisses him and kisses him and kisses him and they break to commercial so who knows how long that goes on.

Next thing Marjorie is getting into the bath tub fully clothed with one of the guys.  Analeigh goes to check on her and one of the other guys tells her to relax and guides her away.  The guy is telling her it’s not her responsibility to watch over Marjorie.  She’s asking Sam if she were drunk off her ass wouldn’t she want someone to watch over her and she agrees.  So they try to get rid of the guys.  They finally kick the boys out and Analeigh gets Marjorie into bed.  The next day Marjorie was so happy she had fun with the guys and could get drunk since the other girls didn’t drink and could keep an eye on her.

Next day they shoot in front of these gorgeous windmills.  Analeigh is up first.  Man her outfit is strange.  It’s like she’s wearing some sort of hoop.  Jay said she was doing great.

Marjorie is up next and she looks like a deer in headlights at first.  Now she looks drunk.  Even Jay mentions that she looks drunk, looked awkward and not motivating.  Then the model in her finally kicks in and maybe she got some good shots.  Jay is telling her it’s not just about the photos but also how she present herself during judging.

Sam is going crazy and she is saying she doesn’t want to be serious.  She wants to have fun.  Once she gets on set she goes totally serious.  Seems like she needs a lot of direction.  It turns out her shoes are really hurting her and they say it is showing in her face.  Jay tells her she has 6 frames left and so far he just doesn’t see it.  She finally starts improving.  He says her last 7 frames are so strong but it took her forever to go from 0 to 100.  She’s in tears after her shoot and make up artist Sutan is trying to comfort her.  Oh and he touches up her makeup.  So sweet!

McKey is last.  Wow, she looks like some dominatrix outfit.  She’s looking good though.  Jay said she was doing great and trying new things.  She looked gorgeous.  Jay said that was genious.

After the shoot Sam is bemoaning how bad she did and she didn’t realize they would have to walk in those clogs.  Marjorie is drinking again.  McKey says she thinks it’s because she is enjoying her new mentality and is saying screw my old ways.  I guess winning that competition did wonders for Marjorie’s self esteem.

Judging time.  Ugh, McKey is wearing this ugly black patterned stockings, a purple top with big, poofy sleaves and black short, shorts.  I guess I’m just not into fashion if that is what yoh have to wear.  I like Analeigh’s look much better.

McKey is up for judging first and Ms. J and Tyra say they love her outfit.  So I guess it’s just me.  They love her picture.  Marjorie goes next.  Urrr…Paulina said she looked like a UFO beamed her down.  I don’t like it at all.  Samantha is next.  Tyra tells her to take off the sweather she was wearing and she looks much better.  Hmmm…her picture looks like she is a broken doll but they like her picture.  Tyra said her film was just ok.  Her last few shots were great but the rest was pretty bad.  Mr. J said she had 53 bad frames and 7 good ones at the end.  Analeigh is last and Nigel said her picture was the best of the bunch.  They chose one where she was jumping.

Interesting one of the comments during deliberation is they thought Marjorie was being a little condescending.  I just can’t get over McKey’s outfit!  It is ridiculous.  Anyway, Analeigh gets called first and has the best picture in the bunch.  McKey will probaby get called next.  Yup, Sam and Marjorie are in the bottom two.

Tyra tells Marjorie she takes some of the best high fashion, editorial pictures but her film this week was flat.  She doesn’t understand balance.  She’s turned almost boring.  Samantha just doesn’t get it.  How can she still not understand what it means to look like a model or stand like a model. But Samantha is the one who gets to stay.  I’m glad Marjorie is going home.  I really think her ego is way too fragile.  Awww, Analeigh is crying.

And then there are three.  I really, really hope Analeigh wins but I have a feeling it might be McKey.

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  1. Megan

    I so hope McKey is not the winner. I was thrilled to see Marjorie go but I almost wish it had been McKey…I’m pulling for Analeigh!

  2. dsuzuki

    I really, really hope Analeigh wins. Although I have to admit Analeigh needs to work on looking more like a model during her every day dress. She has that sweeth, fresh faced look but not a model look.

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