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Survivor Nov. 13

November 14th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Kota camp

Susie and Crystal hug and Kenny makes the fire.  Kenny is so happy it wasn’t him vote out and how the last two councils have been blind sides and Kenny was the mastermind.  Bob is saying he knows if they lose again before a merge he is history “even though I teach science”.  yuk, yuk.  Must be science teacher humor.

Fang camp

They can’t start fire and they have no rice to cook.  Matty is hoping for a merge otherwise he is going home.  Matty and Charlie walk in with a golf flag.  It sounds like whoever does the sling shot will win an outing with the natives.  Corrinne is hoping Marcus is still on Kota.

At the reward challenge Corrinne and Charlie are devestated that Marcus is gone.  Corrinne comes out and says Marcus didn’t deserve to leave the game.  Kenny asks who deserved to leave then and Corrinne just says he deserved to be here longer.

The game they have to use a sling shot to shoot a ball until they get it into the hole.  Best of three holes   Winners get a meal and night with a local village and send a member of the losing tribe to Exile Island.  Kota goes first and gets just shy of 150 yards.  Fang gets a nice shot and beats Kota by just a bit.  Kenny wins the first hole for Kota.  Second hole.   Fang ties it up.  Final hole.  Kenny just missed the hole!  But Fang goes short too.  Who will win the hole?  Kenny over shoots again.  Randy, Matty and Charlie are arguing over how hard to pull the sling shot and how to release the ball.  These people are nuts.  They win the hole after only taking what seemed like half an hour of arguing.  Even after winning Randy is still bitching.  They decide to send Bob to Exile Island.  Corrinne is hoping that Bob will find the idol not knowing that Sugar already found it.

Matty is so happy to finally win a reward since he is the only original Fang member on this tribe.  They get to the village and get bathed in leaves and water and get clean clothes.  One of the little girls gets attached to Corrinne walking into the village.  They start talking about how the last 3 eliminations have been 3 big power players-Ace, Dan and Marcus.  They start dancing and Randy things one of the village women was coming on to him and said it’s been like 20 years since a woman has hit on him.  Could it be because he’s a bitter old guy?  Matty is really enjoying himself and getting into the whole dancing thing.

Back at Kota

Kenny gets their boat stuck on a piece of wood sticking out of the water.  But he does manage to catch 3 fish.  He says since Bob is at Exile Island he is the only man left with two beautiful women.  I could make a comment but it would just be mean.

At Exile Bob chooses clue over comfort.  He finds the location the idol would have been and even sees the nail it was hanging on.  So now he’s frustrated and wondering if Sugar found it.  He decides to use stuff around to make a fake idol.  And wow, he makes a really nice fake.  I’m impressed.  I think it looks nicer than the actual immunity idol.

Fang Tribe

It says something about being the best fire starter.  They are debating if it’s tribe vs. tribe or individual immunity.  Randy is talking about how horrible it would be to be back with Sasquatch and Charlie asks who that is and Randy replies “Crystal” and also calls her big foot.

Immunity Challenge

Now they are seeking individual immunity and they are now one tribe.  Bob is so relieved he looked like he almost peed in his pants.  Matty and Kenny hug like they can’t get over being on one tribe again.  Haha…Bob manages to tie his buff again into a bowtie.

Each of them gets a flint and steel and a box full of fire starting material.  Whoever builds their fire first and manages to burn through a rope over their fire first wins immunity.  Kenny gets a spark but no luck so far.  Susie amazingly is the first to get fire.  I’m in shock!  Who would have thought she might win a challenge!  Sugar now has flame.  Kind of another shock although I would have picked her over Susie.  Matty pretty much looks like he’s giving up.  Seems to be just between Susie and Sugar.  Looks like it’s going to be Susie.  And Susie wins immunity!  Shock of a lifetime but she’s safe at tribal tonight.  They now go back to the former Fang camp.  They will have to build a new flag once they get back to camp.  Randy is saying how there is no way he will go back to camp with Crystal tonight.  It’s either he or she that has to go.

They get back to camp and they have a ton of food.  After eating they all kind of split off and start strategizing.  Randy says they should vote Crystal.  Charlie figures it’s four against four and Sugar is the swing vote.  So now it’s a war for Sugar.  Sugar is telling Corrinne that she can’t live with Randy.  Corrinne is trying to convince Sugar to keep Randy until next council.  Charlie walks up and starts on her too.  Corrinne is talking about how weak and gullible Sugar is and that even after being mean to her for 25 days she falls for all she’s saying because Sugar is a moron.  Kenny, Crystal, Susie and Crystal are talking about who should go.  Kenny wants to blind side Charlie because he lost Kenny the immunity idol.  He convinces them that Charlie is the brains behind the other alliance.  Now Kenny is working on Sugar to get rid of Charlie.

Now they are working on the new tribe name and flag.  Sugar is saying how she doesn’t trust Kenny since he lied about Ace and she doesn’t trust Crystal, Corrinne or Randy either.  They decide on Nobag as their new name because it’s Gabon spelled backawards.  Strange name but ok.  Anyway, back to Sugar.  She’s waffling since she doesn’t trust anyone.

Tribal Council

They bring Marcus in as the first jury member.  Ahh…Marcus is such a cutie.  Jeff asks Randy where was all the tension coming from when they were so close to win the reward challenge.  Randy was saying that unless they listened to him Matty might have messed up the shot.  Jeff mentions how it seems Randy left Fang and didn’t look back.  He says yes he was happy.  Now Crystal asks Randy to say why he hates her so much.  Randy says at the beginning Crystal and her “posse” were arrogant and were the reason they lost the challenges in the beginning.  Crystal pretty much brushes off his comments.  Jeff asks Crystal if she regrets being so vocal and she says she is emotional but at least people know where she stands.  Haha…Kenny and Charlie are saying how they like each other and are friends.  Randy says that he sees Kenny has grown up.

Wow, Randy votes for Crystal (no surprise) but then says “Bitch” as he shows his vote.  I hope Sugar votes against Charlie because I eventually want Corrinne gone.  That was such a mean comment calling Sugar a moron.  Come on Sugar!  Vote Charlie!  Although I really do like him.  It’s too bad he’s aligned with Corrinne.

The vote

Crystal. Crystal. Crystal. Crystal. Charlie. Charlie. Charlie. Charlie.  Tied.  One vote left.  Charlie!   Yay, Sugar.  I’m sad Charlie is gone but I hope this means Corrinne will be gone soon.  Well, and then Crystal and Randy cause those two need to go.

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