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Amazing Race Nov. 16

November 17th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

10:14pm Nick and Starr leave to Kazakhstan and need to go to a chicken factory to search for their next clue.  So far they have had 4 first place finishes.  They head off to find a computer to do research.  Dallas and Toni end up at the same place and Dallas and Starr are flirting while Toni and Nick are talking.  They are heading to the airport to book the flights they find.

Terence and Sarah are on their way to the airport and Terence is complaining about how he has too much stuff and need to get rid of stuff.  Sarah is talking about how relaxed she feels and what a good mood she’s in.  Ken and Tina are heading to the airport.  The frat boys are last to leave.

Nick and Starr and Toni and Dallas are trying to book their flights at the airport on Lufthansa.  Sarah and Terence are trying to book a flight on Aeroflot.  Then the ticketing agent finds the Lufthansa flight.  So they head off to try and book that.  Ken and Tina are asking for the same flight.  So Toni and Dallas and Nick and Starr got their tickets.  The rest are still waiting.  Ken and Tina have their tickets.  Sarah and Terence are told the flight is full.  So they go back to the Aeroflot flight.  The frat boys are trying to get on the same flight but are told it’s full.

Ken and Tina are out first.  All three teams arrive to find it doesn’t open up until 7:30 the next morning.  So looks like everyone will catch up.  Huh, Andrew and Dan still aren’t there by morning.  So let’s see if they make it there by 7:30.  Uh oh, looks like their taxi driver doesn’t know where it is.  Ah, they made it before 7:30.  Barely.

The gates open and everyone bolts.  Nick gets a clue first.

Road block: one person from each team has to go into a chicken shack and search among 30,000 chickens to find one of seven golden eggs.  There is also a fast forward.  The teams have to go to a restaraunt and enjoy a local delicacy-the fat from the rear end of a sheep.  First team to finish gets the fast forward.  Terence and Sarah and Nick and Starr are both going for the fast forward.  The frat boys said it didn’t make sense to try and go up against Nick and Starr so they don’t go for the fast forward.  Neither do Toni and Dallas.  Tina is in the chicken shack along with Andrew and Toni.  They are dressed up in this full body suits and have to wear face masks.  Toni finds her golden egg first.

Find teh giant crane trucks.  They will travel by crane to Koktobe Arch and follow a marked path to a Mongol warrior and then wait for their next clue to arrive.  Andrew finds his golden egg next.  There are only two Mongol warriors so it’s first come first serve.  Tina finds her egg and is quickly catching up with Andrew.

Terence and Sarah and Nick and Starr arrive at the fast forward very closely together.  Terence is a vegetarian and hasn’t had meat for about 15 years.  He tells Sarah he can’t eat it but he eventually digs in.  Starr is gagging but she keeps going.  She’s doing great.  Terence is having a hard time.

Toni and Dallas get to the warriors first.  They get taken to another warrior who calls some sort of bird of prey who has the clue tied to his food.  Detour.

Play like mad: travel by taxi to the museum of folk instruments and learn how to play a simple song with two instruments.  Once they learn the song they have to go to the park to play for tips and earn the equivalent of $1.50.

Act like fools: put on a two person cow costume and walk the streets to a marked stall and drink a glass of milk.  The name of the next destination will be at the bottom of the glass where they have to go for their next clue.

Toni and Dallas choose the cow.  Ken and Tina get to Koktobe next.  Andrew and Dan are lost.

Back at the fast forward.  Terence can’t do it and I think they are going to give up.  Nick and Starr are close to being done.  Sarah is doing ok and is trying to encourage Terence.  Starr is almost done so Terence and Sarah give up.

Ken and Tina choose the cow costume task as well.  LOL.  Ken makes a comment “guess which end I am” when talking about the cow costume.  Andrew and Dan are still trying to get directions but can’t find any English speakers.

Nick finally finishes his plate and they get the clue.  They go to the Old Square, the next pit stop.

Sarah is going into the chicken shack.  And the frat boys are still lost.  Sarah is trying to get the chickens to move.  Andrew and Dan are talking about how the people are like zombies and they are “horrible people”.  Geez, what jerks.  Why do they expect these people to speak English?  Just because the people can’t understand what they are saying doesn’t mean they are rude and unhelpful.  They finally find a woman who gives their driver directions.

Nick and Starr are the first team to check in.  They each win a 180 horsepower wave runner.

Toni and Dallas get to the theater to get their cow costume.  LOL.  Dallas makes his mom be the back end of the cow.  Ken and Tina arrive just as Toni and Dallas leave.  Haha.  Dallas is telling his mom to wag the tail and be a good cow.  He’s having a great time walking through town.

Dan and Andrew arrive at Koktobe and are arguing walking up the hill.  Andrew can’t keep up with Dan.  Dan offers to carry his bag but Andrew just wants him to walk with him.  Dan says no and that the race isn’t won by walking.  Uh oh.  Toni and Dallas miss the marked milk stand.  Ken and Tina get to the milk first and drink their milk.  Uh oh.  It looks like Ken and Tina found the wrong milk stand.   Toni and Dallas go to the milk stand and re-read the clue and realize the destination is at the bottom of the cup.  So Tina just didn’t read the clue close enough.    She goes back and finds their clue.  Uh oh.  Now they think they need to take the costume back to the costume shop.

Dan and Andrew get the clue and choose the cow costume.  Dan wants to be the front because he moves faster.  Ken and Tina returned their costume and go to the bazaar.  Toni and Dallas find the meat section in their cow costume and get their clue.  Now they have to make their way on foot to Old Square.

The clue says to bring the cow head to the pit stop.  They run into Ken and Tina on their way out and ask where their costume is.  They tell them they need the costume but aftewards Toni and Dallas realize it was stupid to tell them.  Ken and Tina can’t get their clue and are heading back for their costume.

Toni and Dallas are team 2.  Andrew and Dan head off in the cow costume without their shoes.  Not sure if they can get those back after the pit stop.   Dan is yelling at people where the milk place is.  Ken and Tina are team 3.

Sarah and Terence stop a guy and ask them to take them to the milk shop.  The frat boys get a guy to show them the directions for 1000 something.  The frat boys get to the milk stand and then Terence and Sarah.  Dan and Andrew get the clue but then catch a cab!   Idiots!  And they still don’t have their shoes.  They check in 4th but are told they didn’t read their clue correctly so they have to go back to the end of the detour and come back on foot.  They can’t find a cab so they head back on foot.  They finally find a cab to go back to the end of the detour.

Sarah and Terence are at the bazaar but Andrew and Dan are back at the bazaar and heading back to the pit stop again.  Dan and Andrew are having a hard time because the boots are hurting their feet and are lost.  Sarah and Terence are asking for directions.    Dan and Andrew are fighting again about who has been patient on this leg of the race.

Ugh, Terence is making me sick with his whold “my love” endearment.  It looks good in books but sounds silly in real life.

Andrew and Dan check in before Terence and Sarah.  Sarah and Terence are last to arrive and are eliminated.  You know, I hated them at the beginning but they started to get along pretty well in the past few episodes so it’s a little sad.  I still think Terence is pathetic though and that Sarah could do better.

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