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Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris

November 17th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

I give this one a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

This is the 5th book in the Southern Vampire series.  In this one Sookie gets confirmation that her brother Jason was indeed infected and shape shifts during the full moon.  Meanwhile someone starts shooting shape shifters.  The pack leader of Hotshot is shot but survives and Sam is also shot in the leg.  Some of the weres suspect Jason as the shooter thinking he was upset that he was now a shifter.  That theory is blown when Sookie gets shot.

Colonel Flood also gets killed in a car accident and there are two contenders to be the new pack leader.  One of whom is Alcide’s father.  Alcide managers to drag Sookie into the drama of the competition.

Since Sam was shot in the leg he sends Sookie to ask Eric for a favor in sending a replacement bar tender.  Eric sends a vampire, Charles, to fill in until Sam heals.  Sookie’s hard luck continues in this book.  She ends up getting shot, her house gets partially burned down, she ends up with a broken rib and a scraped up leg.  I think I got all the injuries down.

Stop here if you dont’ want spoilers.

So it turns out the shooter of the shape shifters is the latest cook at Merlotte’s.  She was once attacked by a shifter and was pissed off.  So for the past 3 years she’s been shooting shape shifters.  She thought Sookie was a shifter because she smelled like one after spending time with Alcide and the Hotshot pack leader.

It turns out Sookie’s house was burned by Charles, the vampire sent to act as bartender at Merlotte.  It turns out he was sent by the guy who sired the former Fangtasia bartender (I think his name was Long Shadow).  This guy was still pissed that Eric killed Long Shadow even though he was embezzeling money.  So he sent Charles to cause similar pain to Eric and settled on killing Sookie.  Charles ends up attacking Sookie out back of Merlotte’s and some of the patrons hear the commotion and come to her rescue, killing Charles.

Alcide’s father loses the competition to be pack master and is killed.  Alcide sort of blames Sookie thinking she should have been able to do something to help his father win.  At this competition Sookie meets Quinn who was acting as the referee at the competition.

I think that covers it other than I swear Sookie is coming across as being kind of I hate to say slut because she is so nice…maybe easy?  Seems like for someone who hasn’t had a boyfriend before she sure is getting around kissing and making out with guys or feeling some connection with them.  First she kisses and probably would have slept with Sam if Bill hadn’t interrupted, oh and she finally tells Eric they slept together when he was under the witch’s amnesia spell, she still initially has an attraction to Alcide, seems like she still has some feelings for Bill, after kissing the pack leader of Hotshot she realizes there is something there and I think the last one was getting all hot and heavy when Quinn was licking her leg.  Guess all those hormones are in overdrive since she slept with Bill and Eric?

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