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America's Next Top Model Nov. 19

November 20th, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

Tyra mail: Easy Breezy Beautiful.  Their commercial lines are in Dutch.  Next day the girls show up on set.  They will be shooting both the commercial and print add for Cover Girl.  Whoever wins this cycle will have their ad actually be ran by Cover Girl.  Whitney shows up to encourage the girls.  She tells them at the end of the commercial they will be delivering a kiss to someone.

Analeigh was saying how she hardly got any sleep because she kept waking up screaming Dutch lines.  She shows up on set and can’t remember her lines when practicing with Sutan.

Sam goes first.  She still has that Valley Girl thing going when she talks.  Jay is telling her to keep eye contact with the camera.  Oh la la.  The guy they have to kiss is pretty cute.

McKey goes next and is having trouble with her lines.  She starts remembering how they judges had nothing good to say about her last commercial.   She finally makes it through after several takes.

Analeigh is ready to go. And…she says nothing.  She totally blanks out and starts tearing up.  Jay was shocked how badly Analeigh was doing.  He had to feed her each line.  He says she takes direction well but can’t do it on her own.

Now they head back to the studio to do the cover shot.  Jay leaves the girls along with the photographer instead of staying to direct them.  Sam went first and Jim de yonker the photograper said she was fun and creative.  He says Analeigh can certainly work her body.  He says McKey is kookie and unique. 

Tyra mail: tomororw you will meet with the judges and only two of you will continue on to try and become America’s Next Top Model.

Analeigh is totally stressing all night.


Good god, what is Tyra wearing?  McKey actually doesn’t look bad tonight but something is seriously wrong with Tyra’s outfit.  Huh, after seeing the final commerical that guy isn’t that hot.  Sam is up first for evaluation.  I just don’t like her commercial.  Nigel says it was choppy.  No one thinks she did that great.  They say her photo is adorable but it looks forced.  Tyra says her smile isn’t modelesque.

Analeigh is up next.  Her take is totally choppy.  Tyra says it was painful.  Paulina said it looks like a headshot for an actress.

McKey is last.   I actually liked her commercial.  Tyra said she did so much better this time than with the teleprompter during the last commercial.  They like her photo too.  I think she did have the best shot.

Ugh, Analeigh seriously messed up but I really want Sam to go home.  I think for sure McKey is making it through and I like Analeigh.

Of course they rave about McKey although Tyra is worried about how she would walk on a runway.  Paulina says she sort of lurches.  Analeigh just messed up royally.

Judging: of course McKey gets called first.  Analeigh: feel her downfall is the soft, innocent face she has.  Sam: the judges thought she was very commercial but her photo didn’t actually look very good.  And Samantha gets to stay.  Uck.  That totally sucks.  I don’t like her or McKey.

McKey and Sam go to a studio where the Seventeen editor in chief is there saying they will be shooting a cover shot today and whoever wins will have their shot on the cover. 

Next they head to where the show will be.  There is like a course of pink hills going around the room.  They head to hair and makeup.  Whitney shows up and will be walking in the show.  Tyra stops by to wish them luck.

They are getting ready to head out.  Tyra, Nigel and Paulina enter.  Ms. Jay enters walking the runway with some guy behind him with a huge pink balloon over his head which he pops in the center stage.  Whitney comes out first.  McKey is next and practically runs up the hill and then looks kind of choppy to me during the rest of the walk.  She looks way to stiff.  Amanda, the legally blind girl from an earlier cycle is also in the show.  Sam also does the little trot to get up the hill.  She was ok the rest of the walk.  I think Analeigh would have totally kicked their butts.  Sam is due out again but she is still trying to get dresssed.  Sam and McKey are out again and pose on teh top of the hill together.  They both just don’t look good on the runway in my opinion. 

I don’t get why they would design a runway where the models have to run up a hill.  It just doesn’t look nice.  Tyra is saying the girls looked beautiful and stood out among all the Dutch models.  I really didn’t think either did well.  So either I’m missing something or the judges are going ot BS about how good the girls did.


Tyra is wearing some sort of dictator looking outfit.  Could the shoulders be any pointier?  I love the dress Sam is wearing.

McKey’s first walk: Tyra liked her facial expressions.  Nigel says she needs more grace when walking.

Sam: she did well with her chiffony dress.  Tyra is saying she needs to watch her mouth because it shows any tension she is feeling.

First photo: Nigel says both of them looked like modeling 101.

Swimsuit photoshoot: both girls took great shots.  I love Sam’s photo.  McKey looks good but kind of harsh to me.

Clippership shot in Amsterdam.  McKey looked much better than Sam to me.  Nigel likes McKey’s better than Sam.

Photoshot with Tyra.  I don’t like either.  Nigel says this is his favorite of Sam though.  Their glam shots.  They love McKey’s shot.  They like Sam’s too.


Well, they are honestly saying both girls needs work on the runway.  LOL.  Nigel says that they are both linebackerish.  I don’t get what he means by that comment.  It’s hard to say who they were leaning towards in that conversation but from past deliberations I think they prefer McKey.

The winner is…McKey!  Well, I can’t say I’m happy as I didn’t like either girl.  Can I just say again I love Sam’s dress?  :)

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