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Monterey Bay Aquarium

November 21st, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

We went to the aquarium yesterday and geez…the entry costs an arm and a leg.  It was like $25 per adult but luckily children under 3 are free.  Even the military discount tickets are $23 so not much savings there.  I guess there is no way around the high prices if you want to take your kids out to these types of places.  I saw the California Academy of Sciences cost just as much.  My daughter is just over 1 so probably not really worth it even though she had fun.  I guess it was a high priced play area for her.

They had two play areas for kids.  One was the Coral Play area.  This was geared more towards babies and toddlers.  There was a slide, a couple little animal things to sit on and rock.  They also had this little water area with fish spouting water into a pool.  My daughter loved playing with that.  They also had a water bed and a sitting area to play in.  The really cool part was  this tunnel that was made for the little ones with displays to view fish at their eye level in a little cave.

There was an area next door where you could play with plastic fish and boats.  My daughter liked that too but it’s more for older kids so the hubby had to hold her while she played and it got pretty rowdy since an elementary school class had a field trip and the kids were running around crazy.

There was an older section called Flippers, Flukes and something else that was also a play area.  This was definitely for the older kids.  My daughter is have fun trying to “catch” some krill user a long armed scooper and there was a little drawing area with crayons and animal molds.  She did really enjoy the feed the whales area.  They had circle and square blocks marked with food and you had to put them in the right shaped hole.  She did remarkably well getting the circular blocks into the round hole.

We caught half of the sea otter feeding and I think she liked watching the sea otters swim around.  We also saw the Outer Bay feeding which is only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday and Sundays.  So that was good timing.  They had some huge fish, sting rays, sardines and sharks in the Outer Bay exhibit which my daughter was only semi-interested in.  She spent more time trying to wiggle down and explore the big room.  She did like the jelly fish exhibit.  There were a few cute areas to take pictures.  Outside the Coral Play area there was a big clam that you could sit in and near the penguins there was a big egg shell you could sit in and take a picture.

We had lunch at this place called Sly’s.  The food wa ok but way over priced.  I think we paid like $40 for a kids meal, my shrimp and fries meal and my hubby’s mixed seafood and fries meal.  We probably could have paid $20 at a Captain D’s or Long John Silver for the same food.  And everything was so greasy.  So far we are 0-2 on eating out there.  The last time we went we ate at Bubba Gump and as I recall their food wasn’t that great either.

Definitely glad we went on a weekday.  Much less crowded even with all those rowdy school kids.  I think my daughter will enjoy it more next year or the year after.

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