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Survivor Nov. 20

November 21st, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

The tribe returns to camp and Matty is celebrating.  Randy was a little surprised it wasn’t him voted out.  Corrinne is upset that her alliance is getting picked off.

Ug, I ate te tribe name Nobag.  Sugar and Bob are talking about how they hate Randy.  Bob is telling Sugar he made a fake idol and shows it to her.  He says he is only going to tell her.  Sugar is laughing about it and wondering if he has some sort of secret strategy for telling her about the fake immunity idol.

Randy and Corrinne are off talking about Kenny’s alliance and how stupid they are that they don’t realize there are 5 of them and only 3 can be in the final 3.  They go to get tree mail while talking about how much they hate the other people.  They decide to work on getting Matty to go with them.  Randy is saying Matty has to go with them since the credibility of the others is crap.

“Going, going, gone.  He who hesitates is lost.  Nourishment means power.  Everything has its cost.”  Auction!  Corrinne is saying she only wants what will help her go further in the game.  They head to the Survivor auction where they get $500.  They are not allowed to pool money or share food and have to bid in increments of $20.  The first item is beer and peanuts.  Randy wins for $180.  Sugar is joking that she just wanted to up the ante for him.

The next item is covered.  Kenny wins for $340.  It’s a scroll-send yourself or someone else to Exile Island.  If you send someone else you take all their money.  He sends Bob since he figures Bob doesn’t know the idol is no longer there.

The next item is also covered.  Sugar wins at $340.  She gets chocolate and peanut butter.  Looks yummy but I would need a drink with that.  Next item is a hot bath, clean clothes and items to get clean.  Susie wins for $340.  Sugar teases Kenny he should have gone for it because she would have cuddled with him if he had clean clothes.

Next item is a buger, fries and soda.  Everyone gets in on it and it goes to Matty for $400.  Susie gets out of the bath saying it’s too hot.  Sugar is saying she is nuts.  Next item is covered.  Randy and Matty get into a bidding war and it goes to Randy for $280.  It’s spaghetti, garlic bread and wine.  Next item is a note that gives a huge advantage at the next immunity idol.  Corrinne bets $500.  Kenny is the only one who can beat her and he passes it up.  The bottle has to remain sealed until the immunity idol.  The next item goes to the tribe for the first $20 bid.    Randy bids $20.  Sugar passes on her cookie.  He offers Corrinne two and she takes 1 1/2, Matty takes 1 1/2.  Randy offers his cookie to Sugar who takes it and then gives it to Matty.

I don’t get Kenny.  Why didn’t he outbid Corrinne for the clue that would help in the immunity challenge.   When they get back to camp Matty thanks Sugar for the extra cookie.  Randy gets upset that it was his cookie that Sugar gave him. 

Randy is sitting with Corrinne and Matty complaining about how no one listens to him.  Then Corrinne makes a move to try and get Matty to go with them saying the final three with the other alliance would be Kenny, Crystal and Sugar. 

Bob is back to Exile Island.  He decides to go with the clue again.  It’s of course the same clue that he already found last time.  He decides to go on his own “safari” rather than wander aimlessly after the idol again.   So he walked around and just enjoyed the sceanery and called it his garden of Eden.

Back at camp Crystal, Sugar, Kenny, and Susie are talking about getting rid of Randy.  Matty is pushing to get rid of Bob first.  He thinks Bob is the better threat.  Sugar is talking off camera that maybe Matty is trying to get something going with Randy.  Matty is pushing the order of elimination as Bob, Randy, Corrinne.  Randy walks up and I can’t tell if he heard Matty or not.

Randy is talking with Corrinne about how he is going to be really rude and mean to everyone else.  Then get everyone to vote for him, he convinces Bob to give him the hidden immunity idol and they vote for Susie so she goes home.  The only bad part of the plan is Bob doesn’t have the idol.  Now Randy is sitting with Matty complaining how Susie can’t yawn without making noise.  Matty is trying to get him to be quiet but Randy won’t listen.  So now he says it’s a no brainer that Randy has to go.  Randy is fully implementing his plan to be a jerk to everyone and yup everyone says he has to go.  Jokes on you Randy.  Unless you win immunity you are going home.

Immunity challenge

Bob returns from Exile.  The challenge…they will race across a series of balance beams carrying a bag.  3 people who get over first make it to the next round where they empty their bags with puzzle pieces and have to go through an obstacle course of ropes and trip wires.  Then they have to set up their pieces to knock over a series of blocks like dominos.  Corrinne’s clue allows her to skip first round and immediately go into the second round.  Stupid Kenny.  I think he was just too cocky.

Matty makes it across with no problem.  Then Kenny.  Sugar falls off and has to go back.  Bob takes a hard fall and has to go back.  Matty gets his 3 bags across first and makes it to the next round.  Kenny moves on to the next round.

Kenny starts from the end back.  Matty and Corrinne start from the beginning.  Kenny hits a trip wire and knocks over his blocks and has to fix his.  Matty has two blocks left and hopefully spaced it out correctly.  Kenny is almost complete now.  He gives his a shot first.  It doesn’t work.  Matty is heading back to try his.  Corrinne is trying hers, Kenny is trying again.  Who will finish first?  Corrinne’s doesn’t go.  Matty’s doesn’t go.  Kenny wins immunity!  Guess this means bye bye Randy.  I wonder if this is going to go to Kenny’s head though and make him too cocky.

Back at camp Randy is saying how he really needs Bob to give him the idol.  Sugar and Bob are talking.  She is telling him that he should give Randy the fake idol.  He seems like he is going to go for it.  Corrinne is talking to Bob and saying she assumes he found the idol.  He can’t tell anyone else about it and he has to give it to Randy.  He of course agrees.  Now Bob is with Randy and he shows Randy his idol and says he is willing to give it to Randy.  Randy says he promises that if Bob is in the final two and he’s not he will vote for him.

Sugar is so happy with Bob right now and is gloating about how happy she is going to be tonight at tribal.


Jeff brings up the cookie incident.  Randy thought the tribe’s reaction to his cookies was harsh.  Sugar is like “it’s just freaking cookies, get over it”.  Susie says she kind of feels sorry for Randy and Randy says he feels like someone saying they feel sorry for someone means they are pathetic.  Jeff brings up if anyone thinks Randy is just playing a game with his attitude.  Jeff asks Bob if anyone has asked him about the idol and Bob says he made sure not to tell anyone one way or another.


Kenny keeps his immunity idol.  Corrinne votes for Susie saying payback is a bitch.  Sugar votes for Randy and says a whole mouthful.  Man, is she bitter or what?  Good bye miss sweetness.  Randy votes for Susie saying this vote is not straegic, it’s purely personal.  Crystal votes for Randy with a mouthful as well.  Sugar is sitting in her seat laughing.  She can’t seem to control herself.  Jeff asks if anyone has an idol they want to play.  Randy stands up and hands over the fake idol.  Corrinne is kind of snickering and winks at Charlie and Marcus.  Jeff announces it’s not the hidden immunity idol.  Crystal and Sugar are laughing at him.  Susie is trying not to smile.

Randy is totally vindictive so I have a feeling if he figures Bob screwed him instead of Sugar making the fake idol if Bob makes it to the final two he won’t be getting Randy’s vote.  Of course, Randy goes home.  Even Marcus and Charlie are sort of laughing at what happened.  Bob is still pretty stone face.  I wonder if he’s going to try and play it off as someone else must have planted it.

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