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Twilight movie review

November 23rd, 2008 by Debbie's World of Books

If you don’t want to read any spoilers about the movie don’t read this post.  I went to the matinee showing with a friend today and the crowd wasn’t bad.  Of course there were bunches of young girls but not too bad.  When the movie first started there were some cheers and when Edward first came on screen there were some cheers as well.

I thought the movie was ok.  It wasn’t great but I wasn’t really expecting it to be so.  I have my doubts if someone who hasn’t read the book would be able to follow the movie.  While most movies based on books lose a lot of details simply because it’s hard to catch it all in 2 hours or less Twilight was more difficult because it wasn’t really an action book.  A lot of it was Bella’s thoughts about Edward and how she is feeling so there were a lot of scenes of she and Edward gazing at one another.

I initially really liked Kristen Stewart being cast as Bella but I didn’t really care for her in the movie.  The way she delivered the lines just didn’t feel right.  Robert Pattinson did a better job than I was expecting but his hair was getting to be too much and too high.  Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Esme all were pretty good although you don’t really see them all that much.  I haven’t decided about Carlisle yet.  He just doesn’t look how I expected Carlisle to look and you don’t see all that much of him either to say if he really fit the role.  Jasper was my biggest disappointment.  He looked like some freaky deer caught in headlights.  I know he was trying to play that he was having a hard time resisting Bella’s blood but I don’t think that required the wide eyed look the entire movie.  Jessica was exactly how I was picturing her and Eric was surprising.  He totally wasn’t how I pictured him but it kind of worked for me.  Mike was more of a dork than I expected.

On to the actual movie.  The biology lab where Edward first sees and smells Bella was horrible.  There conveniently was a fan right at the door way to the lab that blows her “scent” towards Edward.  I mean I don’t know Washington all that well but I thought in the book Bella always talks about how cold and over cast the weather is so why a fan?  Anyway, Pattison was way over acting in his reaction to Bella.

I hated the sparkles scene.  I couldn’t imagine how they could have shot that scene but it seemed so cheesy the way they did it.  I loved when Edward brought her Bella to his home to meet his family.  It was hilarious seeing them trying to make a dinner for Bella.  The one thing I didn’t like about that was when Rosalie asks if Bella is even Italian and I forgot who answered saying her name is Isabella.  That made them sound kind of dumb when in actuality they are all really smart.  I also liked the part were Bella sees all their graduation caps.

The scenes with Charlie were pretty good.  I especially liked the one where he is trying to talk to Bella about boys and she should go hang out with Mike.  If I saw Mike and his friends I’d lock Bella away rather than let her hang out with them.

The baseball game scenes were pretty good.  It was fun to watch and also funny to see Bella calling out on Rosalie.  Talk about trying to intimidate the umpire.

I know they were trying to show how fast and strong Edward was but I think they way over used the whole climbing up the trees and speeding through the forest shots.

I did like the battle between Edward and james.  I thought they were going to change it so Edward kills James even though that isn’t how it is in the book.  But they kept it where Emmett and Jasper really took care of James although in the movie they did have Alice helping out.  But they did add a short battle between James and Edward which was nice since you kind of got to see Edward in action and then pull himself together for Bella’s sake.

So all in all the movie was fun to watch as long as you don’t go in with really high expectations.  It will be nice to see how the rest of the Cullens pan out if they make sequels and we get to see more of them.

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